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How To Extract Image Source Urls From Work Sheet?

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Using Excel 2007

I am in the process of converting a static html website to an access database driven site.
Most pages are made up of tables containing text, hyperlinks and small thumbnail images.

I found that I can just copy and paste from the HTML into Excel and I found a macro code on the web to extract the hyperlink url.

But I am having difficulty extracting the image (thumbnail) source url.

I know very little about macro's, can anyone advise what macro code might do the job for me?

Many thanks


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One more question and I'll have this project completely finished!

Is there a way to extract the image location url from a group of pasted images?
Copy any section of images and text from a website such a category page from a shop.
Paste it into excel. The images all have links (to the corresponding product).

By searching I found functions to extract the link url from all pictures pasted onto a tab.
However I haven't been able to find a way to extract the image location url itself. Any suggestions?

This may seem like an odd question, but I'm creating a tool to generate all the html for a newseltter for a client. She struggles with html so I essentially making her a form to fill out, then she can copy & paste all the generated html at once and be done.

Hi Excel gurus,

I am in a bit of dilema, i've been racking my brains and cant come up with a solution

here's the story: i'm currently running a macro that inserts image URL's into comments on an excel spreadhseet, theres rows upon rows of image urls and when you hover over the image url cell you'll get an image appear, is it at all possible to insert the images alongside the image URL on that corresponding row?? so for example row A1 would be and in cell A2 would be a small thumbsized version of the image (doesnt matter if the comment is included or not) i simply need a thumbnail to be inserted beside the image urls

is that at all possible?!?!

thank you

Hi there,

I have a few things i am doing to a worksheet and need a little guidance regarding the possibilities and a bit of help making it happen.

in my worksheet, the first column of every cell (Starting from A21, A22, A23 and so on) i will be inserting a small thumbnail picture apprx size is 1.03cm x 1.23cm (Quite Small). What i would like to achieve is when you click on that picture or double click it enlarges the image to 4.76cm x 5.48cm ( a decent viewable thumbnail image).

My plan once i can get this and another issue i am working on resolved. the worksheet will be converted to a interactive PDF so these images can be clicked to increase size and clicked again to go back to small thumbnail.

I have read another post about this stating "connect the object to a macro that "loads" or hyperlinks to the actual full sized object when clicked on"

But really have no idea how to do this or where to start.

I did find the following whilst search the net for answers but have no clue about VBA

I am using open office (calc) so do not know if i can use Visual Basic and have tried the whole ATL+F11 thing

I need to build excel sheets and be able to convert images to text. I copy the sheet from a web site and all fields in the table come in as text except for one. That field can be 1 of two images. Right now i have to save the xl sheet as html and then Find/Replace the html image code with a + or - sign which is time consuming. Is there a way I can convert he image though excel. I need to be able to sort the sheet as well as pull the data into a separate tab.

I need to build excel sheets and be able to convert images to text. I copy the sheet from a web site and all fields in the table come in as text except for one. That field can be 1 of two images. Right now i have to save the xl sheet as html and then Find/Replace the html image code with a + or - sign which is time consuming and difficult to outsource. Is there a way I can convert the image through excel. I need to be able to sort the sheet as well as pull the data into a separate tab.

Is there anyway to insert an image into excel so that when you roll over certain text a thumbnail will pop up? Similar to how the address pops up when you mouse over a hyperlink..
This would be a huge plus and would really help me out. Does anyone know how to do this or a workaround for the next best thing?

I am in deperate need of help.

I have a spreadshee where a column contains web URLS. I need a macro that will search through the urls and find urls from a particualr site and extract information from the url

all the urls from a given web site look like this

I need to extract the part that lies between the "url=" and the "&ID"

I am a little familiar with programming and understand ltrim and rtrim but have never worked in excel b4

I am creating an online storefront for an art studio and have a supplier that has allowed me to use their content online. ie their product descriptions and images. I am able to import all the relevant information regarding the products into an excel database, however when it comes to linking the images, I am coming up short.

The catalog I am building has approx 10,000 products, each with an image. These images are already hosted on a site which I have permission to use, how can I select the image urls I want to use and import them into the database, instead of right clicking on each image and pasting them into my database?

Please help, I'm getting frustrated...

For a reference point, My supplier's website is

I am trying to get some urls from this webpage I record a macro to dump all tables into excel but the urls i am looking for "boxscore" only show as a text and not as a link. But in the page source, the url is displayed. so is there a way for excel to get only the page source?

Ok the situation, we have a sheet of ~30,000 products, each row is a product containing info including stock levels, catagories, price etc... one of the columns (column Q) contains a URL for a thumbnail image of the product. In a different file we have a list of ~40 products that are this weeks "specials" in this list is just the product code and in the macro it searches this list to mark the products as specials in the main database.

What I would like to do it create a macro that puts an image URL for all the specials as some products are missing URLs and I want to make sure that the specials all have images.

I think I would type the URL next to the product code in the specials sheet then somehow search the main sheet based on the product code in the specials sheet and when found paste the URL from the cell next to the code on the specials sheet into the URL field in the main database.

I hope this makes sense. In the main database the product code is in column B and the ImageURL column is Q.

If possible could it not paste into the ImageURL cell if it already has something in it... only if it is easy though

Thanks in advance!

Hello All,

You folks have helped me out immensely in the past. Not a new Excel user here, but really stumped on this one.

I have a fairly elaborate invoicing sheet I made for my business of printing backstage passes, credentials, etc.

On the customer proof copy, I'd like to be able to have thumbnail size images of the product(s) they are ordering (the credential, the type of lanyard, etc.)

So, I made a separate sheet in the workbook that has those small images in each cell. The cell is big enough to hold the image without any "spillover".

vlookup works fine for everything else text-wise, but I was wondering how I could (or even if it is possible) to have it return an image as a result.

If it isn't possible through vlookup, is it possible to do another way without having to go crazy with VB programming?

Thanks to anyone who can help...


Hello all, sorry to take time and space with a very basic question, BUT

We are planning a small website whose function it is to be a front end for an Access DB. We would like to be able to include a small image with the record, that when later accessed through a browser, shows the image along with the information in the rest of the record. The images could end up in a bin or be directly part of the Access DB.

1- How do you get images into access to begin with. Are they a hyperlink, or a package, or what. On a form to input a record, what do you do/ have to prompt a windows "browse" so you can pick the image from say, the desktop, and when saved have it part of the record.

2. How do you get the images OUT of access to display. What are we extracting from the record that constitutes an image. Does the browser do it automatically.

Thank you for any and all guidance in this.

I have copied and pasted a big table to excel. All the images have links and I need to extract that URL and post on it's own cell.
I have tried some hyperlink extracting code but I realized the images are not necessarily in a cell.

Is there a way to do this?

and by the way, is the a way to make the images show? I know they are there but they don't show.

I appreciate your help.


How does Excel handle image filenames when an image is inserted "from file"? Does Excel store the file name anywhere?

I have inserted a large amount of thumbnail images that are low resolution into a worksheet to keep the file size small. My goal is to write a macro that will turn each of these thumbnails into a link to the full resolution image. I compressed the photos before inserting them into excel. I used the same file name, just saved the image thumbnails in a different folder. I am working with around 20,000 images in my file, so manually doing so is completely out of the question.

hi - i have a whole bunch of thumbnail sized images in an excel sheet that are placed there by a third party application (so if they are saved on my hard drive, i do not know the path).

i would like to have some way to click or mouse over them and enlarge them for viewing.

i considered creating a user form to copy and view the image or just writing some VBA to resize the image when it is selected and putting it back when deselected.

I'm guessing someone has done this before, but i haven't found quite what i am looking for in the forums. any help would be appreciated.


I'm trying to automate a process for downloading PDF files from a website that uses unique URLs. I thought source code in each unique URL contained the data needed to find the PDF to download, but apparently it does not. So, I need to click the PDF icon and save the PDF image to my harddrive (and continue to the next one via a loop).

here's an initial site with the PDF icon:

The source code that is related to the PDF icon is in row 112-115 (I can't paste it here because mrexcel does not recognize I am pasting as text and not HTML).

If you click on the PDF icon for the above URL, it will open up a new URL with the PDF, which is unique:

I know how to capture table data from websites, but not how to follow a javascript link via a button and then download the corresponding file. Any help is appreciated. Here are additional related starting URLs:

Thanks in advance for your assistance


Wanted to share an experience I've had with Office 2007. I created a macro that processes a folder with Excel workbooks, selecting a specific sheet in each workbook, copying a range with integrated photos and charts, and finally pasting the image into a WORD document. When using Application.ScreenUpdating=False to speed up the process, the images are never included in the final paste image. The code works when I step through it with F8, but as soon as I run the macro the images get lost. There might be an issue with .xls and .xlsx files, since it's so far only .xls files that lose images, not .xlsx files.

We've had other problems with copy/paste a range with integrated images (charts or other images inside the copied range) as image and zooming with Excel 2007.

FYI Martin

I have searched the board for this issue and have found nothing that has worked, thus i am bringing this up again, sorry!

i have a spreadsheet of my stock (300 items) that contains a header row for all information concerning each item.

what i want is a thumbnail image (120x78) of the product to appear for each product (pic is stored on HD or web)

(it is possible to show a hyperlink to the image from the web or from my computer in the cell, but it seems to be impossible to display the actual image instead, bizarre, i could care less if it is actually in the cell or not)

i have found some code that has worked for others in a macro, just not for me. thus my header row is now (csv style):

imagename, imagepath, image, porduct

B-CH01_thm , C:/etc etc,an image,B-CH01
B-CH02_thm, C:/etc etc,an image,B-CH02

The code (i assumed was for a macro) that did nothing when i ran it is below, i dont want a fix for this code either, any solution that will actually work is all i am after!!

Try this, it will insert specified images in column C.
Column A = imagename
Column B = imagepath
Column C = place to insert image
Image extension can be jpg or gif

Sub InsertPictures()

Dim row As Long

Dim picPath As String

Dim Picture As Object

row = 1

On Error Resume Next

While Cells(row, 1) ""

Cells(row, 3).Select

' just guess what type of picture it is: .jpg or .gif

picPath = Cells(row, 2) & Cells(row, 1) & ".gif"


picPath = Cells(row, 2) & Cells(row, 1) & ".jpg"


Set Picture = Selection

'set cell height to picture size

Picture.Top = Picture.TopLeftCell.Top

Picture.Left = Picture.TopLeftCell.Left

Picture.TopLeftCell.EntireRow.RowHeight = Picture.Height

row = row + 1


End Sub


Hi all,

I am converting over from Office 2000 to 2007. In 2000 I had code that created a new item on the Main Command bar. This used the FaceID number to say what the image was. I also had found code years ago that allowed me to run a macro that displayed the images and I could move my mouse over them and the FaceID number would appear. This allowed me to see different images and pick the one I wanted.

Now in Excel 2007, I have been searching the web and forums to find the NAMES of mso images that I can use. With no luck. Well, I can't say no luck totally. There is something that I found to download, but here's the problem, we CAN'T download anything.

So my question is: Is there a book or a website that shows the images and NAME that can be used in the XML code for Excel 2007?

Thanks so much. It would be soooo helpful.



I am just looking for advice as to which direction to go in when making a potentially very large database.

This will be a database of products (e.g food at a supermarket)

Front page i was looking to have boxes with the product name and image (small thumbnail) as like an index page then you would simply click on the image of the product you want to know more about and it will take you to a seperate page where all the stats of the product are listed (e.g price, where to buy, claims, ingrediant lists, which country available in) and 2 more images (front and back of product).

Potentially this database could have up to 800 odd pages with images on each... I can see the file size just being huge, is it best to link the images from a seperate file? or insert/embed them?

Or is excel the wrong program all together?


I would like to know if the following is possible:
I have column 'A' listing the code of several products and, selecting a cell containing a product code, another cell, destinated to show the products images, shows it's thumbnail. It would be done this way: the cell wich shows the thumbnails compares the text of the the selected cell with the 6 first digits of several files in a folder. If it finds a match, it shows the image, if not, nothing is shown.

I select a cell in column 'A' containing the text AN7598. The image showing cell compares the text with any filename in c:\images. If it finds a file named AN7598*.jpg, it displays the image.

I know that a image database would be recommended for this, but I don't code much and I would have to develop an application.

I don't know if I was clear, english is not my native language.
Any help is welcome.



Dear All,

We are generating some images with excel 2003 using the below code:

Sub testbmp() Selection.Copy
End Sub

After that we: Scale the image to a desired size (x4) Save the file as a html, this creates a GIF file for the generated image This is working fine in most of the cases, but some cases we found that the generated image is distorted, where the text looks like bold and wider.

It can be due to a patch or the excel macro? The server that runs this macro has Standard Office 2003.

Find enclosed two examples of the problem; Good Image.gif and Bad Image.gif

Good Image:

Bad Image:

It is there any way to avoid or address this issue?

Thanks in advance.

I've searched through this forum (and a ton of stuff on the net) and still have not found a way to make this happen; at least one that I can understand, at least. :P

I want to place a thumbnail image inside a cell for each row of my spreadsheet and have those images STAY in that cell. Once I get the images in the cell, they float - if I sort the rows, the images get all mixed up...

Any words o' wisdom?

I have copied and pasted a big table to excel. All the images have links and I need to extract that URL and post on it's own cell.
I have tried some hyperlink extracting code but I realized the images are not necessarily in a cell.

Is there a way to do this?

and by the way, is the a way to make the images show? I know they are there but they don't show.

I appreciate your help.


I have a client who sends me a listing of their branch offices' hyperlinks for processing, but they are always in text. Maybe they are coming in from a database or something, I really don't know. The list is in perfect vertical order on the Excel spreadsheets, but each link is not "hot", only text. I know that I can hi-light each one, hit the spacebar and Exel converts it into a hot hyperlink, but this is becoming seriously tedious. I searched the forum and found this, which seems to be close to my problem:

The problem is that I know nothing about macros so I don't understand the explanation. I am picturing, maybe, hi-lighting the entire page list, and using a "miracle" key combination to convert the whole thing into hyperlinks at one crack. Or something. Can anyone step me through setting up a page so that I can easily convert these lists of text URLs into hyperlinked URLs?