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Why Is The Print Titles Option In Page Setup:sheet Greyed Out?

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I am trying to print the column labels on each of a 10 page list. When I go
to Page Setup, then the Sheet tab, the items under Print Titles are greyed
out. i.e. I can't enter a row for the "Rows to Repeat at Top" option.

Anyone know why? Can't find anything in the help file.


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I have a printer installed and Ready.
I have tried changing to all different views (Normal, Page Layout, Page Break) before going to File > Print > Page Setup.
I have tried selecting one cell (and hitting esc a few times) and I have tried highlighting the entire sheet.
The worksheet isn't protected nor is it shared.

Every time I go to the Page Setup, Sheet tab, the following are all greyed out:
Print Area, Rows to Repeat at Top, Columns to Repeat at Left.
All other functionality in the Page Setup is unaffected.

Any idea of what I'm missing to be able to allow it to repeat rows at the top?

I have set an area to print which covers a few pages and I want them printed with the same row as a title. However, entering Print Preview - Page Setup - Sheet shows the section "Print Titles" greyed and I cannot select any row (nor columns).
What can be wrong with my set-up?


I'm trying to print 1 row and 3 column headings on every page. When I try it
under file/page setup/sheets I select the row to repeat at top then columns
to repeat at left. When I try to print or preview I get the error message
"print titles must be contiguous and complete rows or columns." What can I do?

The "print titles" option under page setup/sheet is grayed out. How can
I get it to work since I have multiple sheets that I need to carry over
the titles when I print out the sheets?

The titles I need are not in the first column or row. I see how it is
done if it was available.

My address is spoofed, so do not reply directly.

Hey'a Everyone,

I am using Excel 2003. I am trying to suss out the 'Rows to repeat at Top' and 'Columns to repeat at Left' tools. I am not quite sure how it is meant to work, as it seems simple enough, but I must be doing something wrong as it's not working how I imagine it should. I can get the titles to print at the top, AND also the titles to print on the left down column A, but the only way I can do this is by entering rows 1 to 5 in the 'rows to repeat at top' box. Therefore, I can't get the titles in Column A to print, without also having the Titles in Row 1 printing as well.

If I want only to show the titles in column A, I click in the 'columns to repeat at left' box, and then on my worksheet click the A to select that column, then click on 'ok' in the page setup dialog box, then go view my pages with the print preview tool, and nada, ziltch, nothing happens.

My worksheet has titles in the top row from A1:E1.
My worksheet also has titles in the first column from A1:A5.

I can only print ALL titles....both rows and columns. I can't figure out how to only print the column titles.

Any help would be much appreciated for this newbie! Thanks in advance.



Hi folks,

I am trying to use the "Print area" and "Print Title" selectors on the Sheet
Tab of Page Setup but they are greyed out. How can I make them active.

I have the same problem on two different computers each running Office 2000
Pro and one with a Windows 2000 Pro OS and the other with a Windows XP Pro

Any tips on how to rectify this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

I am using Office XP 2003 and I wish to have a print title for pages of my
Excel workbook. There is an option under print preview-->setup for rows to
repeat at top but this is greyed out and I cannot seem to make active. Is
this a bug or am I doing something wrong. Doing my head in . Please help!!!!O

I would like to add a little something to all the help everyone has
offered on the formatting issue in Excel. If you would like to format
all sheets including (Header, Footer, etc..) you need to make sure and
use the "page setup" under "file" menu, because using the formatting
from the print preview option will only make changes to the sheet you
are currently viewing.

I'm guessing but I think MS wanted to make sure you don't accidentally
format all sheets thru print preview so they make you choose it from
the file menu. It is the same thing as the repeat columns and rows,
which are greyed out under the print preview option, but not when you
choose "page setup" under "File"

Make sense?

Hope this helps.

I inherited a workbook with five worksheets. Each worksheet has title
information in row 2. In one of the sheets, I can select, say, data in row
5, goto Print, choose selection, and I can print the title row with row 5
directly under. On other worksheets laid out similarly, the same procedure
prints two pages -- the title on one page and the row 5 data on the second

On all of the worksheets, the option to print titles (Print Preview, Setup,
Sheet) is grayed out.

Any suggestions on how to print data from row 1 and row 5 on the same page?


I am using Excel 2007 and have a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets. When I click on the Print Preview shortcut I get this message "Print titles must be contiguous and complete rows or columns".

However if I go through the long way such as Page Layout>Print Titles>Print Preview it works just fine and then my shortcut works fine after that. I have checked under "Sheet" under "Page Setup" and I have a small area designated in the "Print Area", but nothing in the "Rows to repeat at top" or "Columns to repeat at left". The section in the "Print Area" is contiguous and does not contain merged cells, but the area above it does. I tried removing the merged cells, but still could not use the Print Preview shortcut button on the quick access toolbar until I went into Page Layout>Print Titles.

It takes some time to go through each worksheet and go to Print Titles just to free up the Print Preview shortcut. Any ideas? Thanks!

In the print preview on the sheet tab the print title option is not available, "rows to repeat at top", can't figure this out...
any ideas?



Occasionally when I use the page break feature (along with File/Page
Setup/Sheet/Print Titles/Columns to Repeat at Left), it will result in
certain borders along the page break/print title going away in the print
preview and in the printed copy. When the page break is moved or eliminated,
the borders return. Any suggestions are welcome.

How do I enable the "Print column or row titles in every page button? In
page setup it is disabled (grayed out.)

I have an issue printing from excel. I have 2 columns repeating to the left on every page, and in this particular case (it happens with more or less data as well) I have 13 data columns to the right of my repeating columns, and it will only print 12 of the 13 (3 pages instead of the need 4), despite the print area being selected correctly. It even shows this incorrect printing in print preview.

The sheet with data, has row labels in Columns A & B. I've got data in columns C to O (although this happens regularly with data in columns C to whatever, not just O). Data and labels range from row 1 to 43. The columns widths are as such, A=20, B and beyond=40. Rows height is fit to text in a cell.

My print setup is landscape, I have it set to fit the data to 1 page tall, and 10,000 pages wide. Columns A and B repeat on each page. Print area is set from A1 to O43.

The funny thing is, if I set the print area to A1 to V43, it prints my last data column (on page 4) along with several blank columns (I have print gridlines on, so I can see them). If the "Columns to repeat at left" is removed from the print setup, it prints all of the data columns, so I think it has something to do with that, but I cant find anywhere that says this is a known bug, so I wonder if I'm doing something wrong?

Hi all!

I have a project I have to get done NOW, but there is one thing holding me up: print titles.

I have a 22-page spreadsheet with 3 different sections. After each section, there're a few blank lines and then a new "section title" cell. When I print my document, the print titles I've set up are showing up on top of these "section titles", which is definitely not working. I don't need two print titles on one page. I've included a jpeg ( - sorry you have to download it, but photobucket shrinks it so it's not readable) of an example page where my print title is showing up at the top and I don't need it to.

I tried limiting the cell references, and that simply made it so the "section titles" don't show up at all (the "section title" on this one, for example, is State Funding Opportunities).

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

I have various sheets that I set to print titles, where a row is repeated at the top of every sheet by using: File > Page Setup > Sheet > Row to be repeated at top

I want to repeat columns at the left on a particular sheet however despite setting it up via the file menu above, for Columns to be repeated at Left, no columns print on the left and print preview doesnt show them.

Anyone any ideas? I have tried it on blank docs, various s/sheets etc and no luck. Using excel 2003.

Any VBA code that may get around this?

Im trying to print Column AF in sheet1

I have a spreadsheet that fits fine 1 page wide when I go to page setup and adjust the scalingto 63%. Normally I like to use the "Fit to Print 1 page wide" option but when I select that option the scaling adjusts to 39%.

I have gone out and deleted all columns to the right and all rows below the area that I want printed to make sure tehre isn't something out there that it is trying to print but it still reduces the size too much.

I have attached the file that I am tryingto format the printing.




I need a code to SETUP the page on 31 sheets with a click.
Each tab labelled as 1 Mar, 2 Mar and so on till 31 Mar.

With page settings on the page setup window with following specs.

Orientation: Landscape view
Scaling Adjust: to 55%

and on the Sheet Tab:

Print Area A1:N54

Print preview: Margins adjusted to print in center of the page

I want to have my titles print on every page is there a way to do this.
my titles are in be12 to bI12, but I have 4 pages and i would like it if it was possible to have my titles print on every page so that I would know what columns are what.

My titles do change, but my location of them do not.

I am trying to create a button, that when I click on it, it prints out the worksheet in landscape (pageset is for portrait), all items in rows A-K. But doesn't print the first and last page, which are a cover sheet and terms and condition pages which I don't need to print on this copy. The worksheets vary in number of pages, so while the last page is Page 8 one time, it could be page 10 the next, the page 5 the next. So last page can vary.


Prints Landscape without changing the current print setup.
Prints everything in rows A-K
Doesn't print Page 1 and last page, whatever that page is.

Any help? I can't seem to find anything online to dictate, don't print first and last page.

Many thanks



I have inserted a page break on my sheet, and I have two rows of data at the bottom of page one that I would like to also be printed at the top of page two.

Other than making a copy of the rows and pasting them right after the original rows and inserting a page break between the two, is there a way to automatically have those rows print?

Not sure if it complicates things or not, but I'm also using print titles to repeat the top two rows of the sheet on the second page.


I need a code to SETUP the page on 31 sheets with a click.
Each tab labelled as 1 Mar, 2 Mar and so on till 31 Mar at a time, with page settings on the page setup window with following specs.

Orientation: Landscape view
Scaling Adjust: to 55%

and on the Sheet Tab:

Print Area A1:N54

Print preview: Margins adjusted to print in center of the page


I am wondering how to repeat column names on printed pages for a multi page printout in Excel 2010.

This is under File Print --->Page Setup ---> print titles "rows to repeat at top" is not accessible.

Is is possible (when printing) to repeat a table header only for the duration of the table?

I have a document that contains two tables on one worksheet. The first table spans two printed pages, while the second is printed on a third page.

I would like the first table's header to print on any page that contains table data, however I do not want it to print on every page (as not every page is related to that table)

If using "Print Titles" the table's header repeats on the third page. I have considered the option of moving the second table to a different worksheet, however I would like for both tables to remain on one sheet.

Any ideas?

I selected six sheets from a spreadsheet to print (holding down the CTRL
button to select them).

When they print, they print fine, however the footer prints the same (page
2, page 2, page 2). I need them to print sequentially (page 2, page 3, page
4...). I've changed the Page Setup to say "start with page 2" because I need
it to start with page 2. It numbers sequentially when I use "Auto" - so....