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Formula To Highlight An Entire Row When Certain Text Is Present.

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Is there any formula or condition I can use that will look within a range and
highlight the entire row when specific text is contained in the row?

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Similar Topics

I am trying to Highlight an entire row, if a vlue exists within a column. I have read many forums in which you can create a macro to do this. I have "10" values that I would like to use as far as values within a column. I would like to run the macro, and if a number exists, I would like it to highlight the entire row.
The cells that i would like to have read are within Columns "w" and "x". The cell values are within a merged cell because of the way that the program exports the report into excel.

The values that I would like to have met are :

96- Highlight Entire Row Orange
237-Highlight Entire Row Yellow
402-Highlight Entire Row Blue
680-Highlight Entire Row Blue
871-Highlight Entire Row Blue
827-Highlight Entire Row Blue
213-Highlight Entire Row Blue
833-Highlight Entire Row Blue
339-Highlight Entire Row Blue

Please let me know If I can post the excel spreadsheet, and whether or not I can be helped. Thanks !

Hi I am a completely new to VBA and have a question.

Is there any way to create a formula that will either highlight (in red lets say) an entire row, or move the entire row to another worksheet, if one cell has "Y" in it. Moving the entire row would be preferable.

I have been able to highlight the one cell, but I need to either highlight the entire row, or move it completely, and this seems to be way beyond my capabilities.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I want highlight the entire row or particular cell.
I have columns called permit no., description, requester, date requested validity, approved and permit opened. . I want highlight the entire row or particular cell if the permit is not opened 7 days from the date of approval. Is it also possible to highlight with flashing text.

A sample excel file is attached

I searched a specific data and clicked find all. Then i proceeded to highlight all of those cell. However i would like it to highlight the entire row so that I can transfer it to a different sheet with all the information??


Hi there,

My version of excel only contains options to add 3 conditional highlights, however, I require 6 conditional highlights to ideally perform a specific task. Is there anyway of achieving the following, perhaps via a macro???

If a specific word is typed into cell AG2, the entire row 2 will be highlighted in a specific colour including cell AG2 according to this order:

paid = green highlight
sol = pink highlight
hold = red
temp = yellow highlight
gen = orange highlight
call = blue

Please note that I wish the formulae to function through the entire column AG from cell AG2 onward. Row 1 contains headers. So if, for example, a word indicated above is typed into AG3, then the entire row 3 will be highlighted with the corresponding highlight.

Your help in this matter is most appreciated.

Kind regards,



So I'm trying to write a "double" conditional formatting function. Let me explain with an example:

Row 1, Cell C1 : I used conditional formatting to highlight this cell if it contained a certain text.

Question : When this Cell C1 is highlighted automatically using conditional formatting, how do I highlight the entire Row 1?

In other words, C1 contains text which causes the conditionaly formatting function to highlight this C1, and now I that C1 is highlighted, I would like to highlight that entire Row 1.

Thanks for the help! Hope this is doable.

Hopefully simple for you but one Im struggling with!

I have a sheet with say 700 rows and 10 columns - based on the value in one cell per row I would like to highlight the whole row in red text.

For example, if cell F5 = "x" I want to highlight the entire row (cells A1:J1) in red text: if cell F5 = "y" then do nothing.


Hi all,

I'm tring to implement some code which will find and highlight cells which contain "#MULTIVALUE" in any and all tabs within a spreadsheet. The #MULTIVALUE is just plain text and not a formula generated error, if that makes any difference as the report has been pasted special values.

Is there a way to highlight an entire row, I can not use conditional formatting. The reason is I need to highlight the entire row if column H is less than or equal to .80? If I need to use VBA please provide the code.

Thank You

I have a spreadsheet with 18 columns of data, and I need to look for variances.

I need to make the entire row highlight, if one value in the row does not equal all the rest. If I can use conditional formatting, then I would like to add a second parameter that highlights the particular cell that is off.

I know that you can conditional format any unique values, but if it isn't harder I would prefer to highlight the entire row.

Another step would be that, sometimes the values change, so perhaps the first 9 columns are 7.00 and the next 9 are 8.00, I would like it to highlight that change.

Any way to do this?

Hi All,
I need to highlight a ROW in a spreadsheet certain colors if the value of a specific cell in that ROW is equal to a specific value. See below...

If A2=100%, highlight ROW2 red
If A2=90%, highlight ROW2 green
If A2=60%, highlight ROW2 blue

....And so on for 40%, 20%, 10% and 0%.

Assitance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Hi There,

I have a spreadsheet which lists Part Numbers and how many weeks away thety are from their due date. However, I am trying to conditionally format the rows that that if;

"Arrears" is in any row in column F = Highlight Red

"Weeks 14 - 17" is in any row in column F = Highlight Blue

"Weeks 18 - 22" is in any row in column F = Highlight Yellow

"Weeks 23 - 26" is in any row in column F = Highlight Green

I have tried to get just one condition working (=$F5="Weeks 14 - 17") within the attached spreadsheet but cant seem to get it working. Can anybody help?



I have a chart that shows duration over the past 20 years plotted. I want to highlight/shade a specific area/region and can't figure out how to do it. I can highlight the entire plot area, but not a specific area. I tried adding a transparent text box and placed on top, but when I copy the graph elsewhere the object doesn't go with it.

The range is top .75 and bottom -.75 I want the range .45 to -.45 highlighted


I can only seem to find info on this where there is a specific date range or they only want to highlight an individual cell.

I currently have this as my formula which highlights the entire row if the date in cell "T" is exactly 14 days from today's date, but not between, i.e. today it would highlight only dates that have 6/30/2011. I need it to highlight the entire row if the date falls between TODAY() and 14 days from today.


I know it's close, just need to know where/what to add to it.



I have a spreadsheet with one column. For example, it contains


I want to highlight the A's and don't highlight the B's and then highlight the C's and then don't highlight the D's and so on. I want to highlight or not highlight the entire row. How can I do that?

I am using Excel 2007 and having some trouble with conditional formatting an entire line.

What I currently have is a formula in Column J: =IF(K9="Match","Match", " "). What I would like to do is if "Match" appears , highlight the entire row ( J : A ).
hope this makes sense.
Thanks for your help

Hello folks,

In a file, i have a table that holds the unpaid invoices.

Based on the payment condition, which could be 30,60,90 days, i need to highlight specific fields.

For example, if payment condition is 30 then highlight cell A2
if payment condition is 60 then highlight cell A2 and B2
if payment condition is 90 then highlight cell A2 and B2 and C2

This is very helpful for me, in order to notify me when the payment period is pass.



Hello all,

The subject line pretty much describes what I want to do. Ive read a ton online and for whatever reason I cant seem to get it to work. No problems getting it to highlight a single cell but I would like to get the entire row. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Attached is what I have so far.

For clarification for those who cant download the example right now, the cell with the date currently is set to color itself red if the date is within 30 days from now, and yellow if its between 30 and 60. I would like the entire row to highlight instead of just that cell.

I have certain things written in my A column.

I want to write conditional formatting to highlight an entire row if the A column contains the words '0-UNEXPECTED'

I've tried this... but I have no idea what i'm doing.



I recently learned to highlight cells by using formulae in conditional formatting. When I selected the entire worksheet and used the formula =$B1="text" it highlighted the entire row.

This time I have a string of text that changes such as "project number total" or "office total" so I used the formula =right(b2,5)="total" and applied the fill. I had selected the entire sheet as I have before and expected it to fill the row, but it only filled the cell in which the word "total" appeared.

What am I doing wrong?

I am trying to create a formula that will highlight an entire row based upon a date.

Example: I have vacant units in my spreadsheet and once the upgrade takes place and someone moves into that vacant unit I want the row to automatically highlight based upon the move in date.

Is that possible? Attached is an example of what I am trying to do.

I have been using excel from sometime, however, am experiencing something that I don't quite understand when converting a text field to a date so that I can use the field to group in a pivot table.

I have a file that is extracted from a database into Excel so all the fields are text. I am trying to convert the date field to date for the entire dataset. The date field is formatted as 02/28/2008 00:00:00. When highlight the entire row highlight, right click, chose format cells and date nothing happens. However, after I do that if I double click or click into each cell then it converts. I know I can use a Datevalue formula, however, I am just curious as to why it won't convert the field automatically since it already is kind of in a date format.

Can somebody help me how to get excel to highlight cells automatically that have similar text. The problem is that I want to exlude certain part of the text while comparing. For example, if I have three rows as below, I want the two sampleville's to be highlighted. I do not want "CSA" to be compared and highlighted. Also, I do not want to split the cell to separate out CSA from the name. Any ideas on how to do it?

Sampleville CSA Sampleville Bakers Corner CSA

Thanks for your help.


I was wondering if anyone can help me with this problem

I would like to highlight an entire Row if the number is >17

I have tried to use conditional formatting; and i'm hoping its something rather simple that i'm over looking

I'm trying to get the anything in column J >17 to high light the entire row

Is there a simple way of doing this or does conditional formatting allow this or would it simply highlight that information that is >17?

If someone can point me in the right direction that would be gretly appriciated

If any date in column E is more than 365 days older than todays date I want the entire column to highlight (not just that cell).
Not every cell in column E has dates either. Some cells are blank and some cells have other text.
So how can I get the entire column E to highlight if a date is found that is over 365 days from todays date?

Also, if you know how to do this a breakdown describing what each function you're typing is would be great. Rather than just get the code I would like to understand it (and learn) as well.