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How To Switch Between Worksheets Without Using Mouse?

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How can you switch between worksheets tabs (within the same workbook) without
using a mouse? i.e., what keyboard sequences do you need to do this? The
only way I've found is opening a second instance of Excel and alt-tab between
them, but then one spreadsheet is open in read only format. Can this be
done? Please help the carpal tunnel people out there! Thanks,

Joe (joemagiera at ameritech dot net)

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I've got an application where I switch between workSheets and the mouse stays in the same location. As all of my actions are predicated on mouse right-clicks or double-clicks, the first thing that I have to do as move the mouse back to the active cell. Is there a way to reposition the mouse to the activeCell upon returning to the workSheet?



hi there,

can some body guide me that how we can switch b/w 2 worksheets of a workbook
using the keyboard keys?


I've been working on an Excel spreadsheet and noticed that I could switch between standard keyboard and number pad (for formula editing). Switched to Number Pad fine, but now it doesn't switch back! When I press the ABC, the keyboard hides and when I press 123, it appears, hence, I can only access the Number Pad. This is for any cell in the spreadsheet. ABC keyboard will appear if I use the search function (magnifier) at the top, then while it's open, if I edit a cell I can get the ABC to work. But as soon as the keyboard is hidden, it will not show the ABC keyboard, only Number Pad.

Has anyone seen this, can't find anything on it.



For Christmas I received a Razer keyboard/mouse combo, installed the Synapse software & started playing with it as you do & found that when I tried opening an excel file with DDE formulas, excel opened & then froze up. I tried a multitude of ways to open a file & unless it was a file without any DDE formulas, it wouldn't open. I uninstalled the software & everything returned to normal. I dug out an old Logitech keyboard/mouse combo, installed the Setpoint software & got exactly the same thing. I found that even with a new blank workbook, a DDE formula manually typed in will cause excel to freeze as soon as enter is pressed. I did some googling & it seems that DDE is an ancient protocol & should be phased out eventually, so I don't expect to much in the way of assistance from the hardware people. It seems that you have to convert the DDE formula to a UDF formula. I've read that you can convert the document from DDE to UDF, but I can't find how, at least not in plain English I can't. Not only that, how can I do that if I can't open it. I'm presuming any solution is going to be via VBA. Below is a link to one of the places I've looked at
Any ideas? I haven't lol

Is there any Excel mouse over function with formula support?
Purpose is to display cell content in another currency with floating text when pointed with mouse cursor.
Formula is simple cell value under mouse cursor x currency rate (11.2 for example).

There should also be option to limit this function somehow to certain named areas or capability to switch it easily on/off with keyboard shortcut.

Is this task possible in Excel 2003?

Hi there,

Here is my problem.

I have several columns or various inventory names

for instance:


I want a way that I can view this sheet somehow where rather than show me all the instances that component exists by cell....
I want it to show me it ONE time and give me a total of how many times it appears like:

Keyboard 3
Mouse 2
Monitor 1
Computer 1

Can anyone give me a hand with this?

A friend has somehow managed to switch the functionality of the mouse scroll wheel in Excel from moving the spreadsheet up and down to making it move right to left.

I found an old post from 2002 of someone with a similar problem and the only posted solution told him to check the mouse settings in Control Panel. I did this and could not find anything that would cause this.

I also checked MS Word and Internet Explorer and in both programs the mouse wheel moves the pages up and down as expected.

Does anyone know how Excel might have switched it to move left and right?


The problem seems to have corrected itself overnight (and with a re-boot).

Still, why it happened is bugging me. Could it be some kind of hotkey that he accidentally hit?

Is there a keystroke you can use to switch between tabs in the same Excel file (as opposed to having to click on a tab with the mouse)?


Can I change from one worksheet to another in the same open workbook without
using the mouse (i.e., using keyboard only)?

I have an Excel 2007 workbook that's been used for 5 months or so now. Recently, people I email it to say they can only see one worksheet in the workbook when they open it, and are unable to switch to any other worksheets in the workbook (they can't even see the tabs). They are in the "normal" view, and I have no idea what else could be wrong. Did I mess something up with the protection? Any other ideas to check??? Thanks so much!

Hello: I've searched everywhere and haven't been able to find anyone else who has had this issue.

I have a workbook that runs some auto_open code whenever the sheet is opened. This code is fairly short and simple. About 20% of the time, this code activates my keyboard/mouse switcher and causes control to be passed to my other computer.

My code contains no "send keys" statements at all and I find no other obvious suspects. The problem does not happen when I step through the code manually. I've tried changing my switch to only accept manual commands, but the problem still exists.

Does anyone know what may be causing this issue?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

I have just installed Office 2007 and it is working fine apart from Excel. When I open multiple workbooks, they all appear on the taskbar at the bottom of my screen, but when i click on each one with my mouse, it does not fire open that particular workbook. Instead, it stays on the first workbook opened. To navigate between workbooks, i have to eith do "Ctrl Shift" or select from the "switch window" button on the new Excel ribbon. Please can you help?
I am on Vista Home Premium and didn't have this issue with Excel 2003.

Hi. I need to use something like a switch function.

I thought it was just "Switch" as it says here (and a couple of other

but when I try this:


I get a name error. I'm using Excel 2003 SP2.

I don't want to use VLookup because I want the value that the function
returns to be from an evaluated formula not from a table and I'm using
references from multiple worksheets.


I have a pretty huge spreadsheet with +25 worksheets tabs. My problem is that sometimes I can not switch between them when clicking on the tabs. When I click the tabs either nothing happens or I get a standard windows right click menu even though i left click (like this one, but don't mind that this it taken from the windowns menu bar, it is the same right click menu i get )
I am aware that I am able to switch between the worksheet tabs by holding ctrl and pressing PgUp or PgDn however with 25 or more sheets clicking is much much easier.

I thought that another program could be blocking the tabs somehow, so I to a screenshot of all running processes.
Can anybody help me with this annoying problem?

My users (who are accountants) use dual monitors and would like to open a
different Excel file on each monitor for the purposes of reviewing changes
between the two. I know that one method of doing this is by opening Excel
twice with its shortcut, then highlighting one Excel window and opening an
Excel file, then highlighting the other window and opening the other Excel
file. Unfortunately, the software that my users use to organize the Excel
files does not allow this to be done; it always opens every Excel file in the
first Excel window no matter which instance is highlighted. We had a similar
problem with Adobe Acrobat, but there is a command line switch that forces
Acrobat to open a new instance for each file.
Is there a similar switch for Excel, or some other method of forcing Excel
to open a new instance of itself for each file? We are running Excel 2003 on
Windows XP. Thank you in advance for your replies.

Hi, I am trying to find a way to select 2(+) discontinguous ranges without having to use my mouse. I am not sure if there is already a keyboard shortcut to do this, or if I can create my own keyboard shortcut with a macro. I haven't had any luck finding an answer on my own so would really appreciate any suggestions.

Here is an example of what I am trying to do: I want to select A5:A20 and E5:E20 (say because I want to graph these 2 sets against each other).

Is there a way to do this without using the mouse?

Currently, I select through the keyboard A5:A20, and then holding down the Ctrl key I select E5:E20 with my mouse.

Thank you!

I open the Find and replace Dialogue Box using CTRL+F and then enter
the value I am looking for. Excel moves the cursor to the cell in
question with the found value.
Is there anyway to then use the keyboard to move from the dialogue box
into the actual worksheet, without having to mouse click back into the
open file? It seems there has to be some type of way to use the
keyboard to move from the Find Dialogue box without using the mouse.
I hope I am being clear on what I am trying to do, it seems very
simple yet I cannot figure out what keyboard command to use to
basically select the Excel Window while leaving the Find Dialogue box
open. I am basically trying to use only the keyboard to jump back and forth between the the Find box and then the found cell in the work sheet.
Thank you. - BWP

I am trying to create a macro that will switch tabs within a workbook. Currently I have 2 shortcuts set ctrl + q and ctrl + w to just switch back and forth between 2 sheets that I switch back and forth from often. The code I currently have just goes to a sheet with a specific name. Is there a way to program it to go to the next tab? Will there be a problem when I reach the last tab or do I need to send it back to the first tab when it reaches a certain count or the end?




I suddenly have a strange problem. Usually you cann fill by using the mouse and pulling a corner of a field. This does not work anymore. How can I switch on this functionality again?



Does anyone know of a keyboard shortcut/combination to switch between open windows in access? I can use cntrl+tab to switch between objects (tables/queries/forms etc) but is there a combo for windows?

Ok I can goto to Window on the toolbar and select the required window, but I find it easier to use the keyboard.


Is there a keyboard shortcut for moving between worksheets (within the same
workbook)? I am constantly going between my keyboard and mouse for this


Is there a shortcut key I can use to move to the next worksheet without using the mouse? In addition is there an easy way I can move to the next worksheet in a workbook whilst still having the previous one selected?

I have a spreadsheet with 300 worksheets on it that I am needing to delete certain ones but would like to preview first and don't like using the mouse to do so.

Thanks for any suggestions

Greetings. I have a swithbox for switching between 2 PCs that share a single keyboard and mouse. My old switchbox used ScrollLock to soft switch between the two machines. It had to be replaced and my new switchbox uses NumLock to soft-switch. Now, when I run a macro using SendKeys the computer switches me between the macines by itself because SendKeys causes multiple NumLock flashes. Does anyone know why NumLock flashes with SendKeys and how to get around it?


This should be simple enough ... the following code opens a new occurrence of Excel and creates & saves a new Workbook. I then want to switch to that workbook to manually edit it, that is all. However, the line ...


Workbooks.Open("E:\" & TeamDetsLeague & "\Fixtures.xls").Activate

... opens the file again, as Read-Only in my current Excel Session.

I'm guessing that, as the window with the new, empty & renamed Workbook already exists, I don't actually need an "Open" statement here, just something to switch to that window ... but how do I do that ?!?


If MyFixFile = False Then
    Set MyxlApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
    MyxlApp.Visible = True
    Set MyxlWB = MyxlApp.Workbooks.Add ' create a new workbook
    With MyxlWB.Worksheets(1)
        .SaveAs ("E:\" & TeamDetsLeague & "\Fixtures.xls")
    End With
    Workbooks.Open("E:\" & TeamDetsLeague & "\Fixtures.xls").Activate
    Set MyxlWB = Nothing
    Set MyxlApp = Nothing
    Exit Sub
End If


I am using this code to temporarily disable the keyboard and mouse


Declare Function BlockInput Lib "USER32.dll" (ByVal fBlockIt As Long) As Long

Although it works fine, I think it causes my system to crash at random times. I am not quite sure yet whether this is the real cause.

I also tried to use "Application.Interactive=False" in the open workbook event but it doesn't seem to work.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to temporarily disable the mouse and keyboard completely for all applications?

thanks in advance