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Help, My Columns Now Have Numbers Instead Of Letters.

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A coworker asked me to help him with his excel file. He opened a file that had numbers instead of letters in the column labels, now he is seeing it in other files he linked that file to. How do you change it back? The name box even says R34C7 or R23C90 for Row and Column.

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I'm using Office 2003. Excel column labels used to be letters A-B-C etc, but
somehow got changed so both rows & columns have number labels. I would like
to go back to letters for column names, but haven't been able to find out how
to make the switch.

Hey, guys.

I've got a report that export to excel, but puts letters with numbers in two of the columns.

If you look in the attached file, you'll see that in columns "LCG S" and "TCG S" there are numbers immediately followed by a number (ie 4.47S). I need to create other formulas that look at the numbers in those cells only, and exclude the letters. I also need to make one that looks at just the letters.

Any ideas?

I've opened a worksheet my college has been using and the letters usually found at the top of each column is now a number.

How can i change this back?

Thanks for your help

My excel columns somehow reverted to numbers instead of letters. How can I
change the format back to letters?

I am using Excel 2007. Today when I opened up Excel, I noticed the formulas being automatically created from my actions were a little strange. Then I noticed the columns weren't labeled with letters instead each column was labeled with a number. So cell A1 is now R1C1.

Not sure how this change happened. How do I change back to the number letter format?


when i opened excel this evening, i found that columns and rows are both
labeled with numbers. How do I relabel the columns alphabetically so that I
can use formulas? thanks

I inherited a work spreadsheet that has the columns shown as numbers instead of letters. How do I change it back? Can I change it back for one of the worksheets or will it change it for all the sheets in the file?


Both the Row and Column headers are numbers, instead of the default letters
for columns and numbers for rows. So instead of having Cell 'A1' for
instance i have Cell 'R1C1'. It makes it confusing when trying to check
correct cells are used in formulas etc. How can i return the column headings
to Letters?

Hi all,

This is my first post. I tried to look around for a solution to this, but I'm not even sure what to search for because it is difficult to describe. The best I can do is give you an example.

-Let's say I have the alphabet in column A.
-A1 is a header that reads "ALPHABET"
-A2-A27 are the letters of the alphabet. "A,B,C,D, etc...."
-B1 is a header that reads "WHATEVER"
-Here is the tricky part to describe. In the B column, I have a subset of the A column. In other words, I have some of the letters of the alphabet, but not all of the letters of the alphabet. Also, I don't have any letters twice. Column B might have "D,N,Z,H,Y" but it won't have anything like "B,G,B,M,N,G" where letters are repeated.
- I want to sort the B column so that the letters of the alphabet I have will be on the same row as the letters in the A column. So, I in the B column I have "C,B,E" in "B2,B3,B4" respectively, after sorting column B, the letters will be on the same row as the matching letter in the A column. The C would be moved from B2 to B4 (not B3 because of the header).

Wow, does that make sense? In real life, I will be dumping file names into excel columns and doing this. I can't go into specifics, but I will get a list of files to download (with a script). There are always errors and problems with a few files, though. Once I am done, I dump a directory of the files I could download into a text file and move it to an excel column. The idea is to sort the files I could download against the original list and find out what Im missing. Again, hope this makes sense, but if my real world description doesn't then just stick to the alphabet example, lol.

Thanks a million!


I would like to be able to generate all the possibles outcomes from three columns with numbers and letters.
The result should pop up in a different column and the order of the numbers and letters should stay the same and not change, e.g. A0101 is nothing I need. It should generate the possibilities as shown below if possible.

I am very new to VBA and Macros and I have a deadline for a work assignment and I could really need a hand with this.

01 A 01
02 B 02
03 C 03



The real problem includes 12 numbers in each column and 5 different letters and I would like to be able to change the amount of numbers, letters and columns if needed.

If someone could help me with this it would be very appreciated!

I'm importing a 3rd party CSV file into Excel and then comparing some of
the contents to a printed spec. Each numbered field in the spec
corresponds to a column in the work sheet. I'd like to change the column
headers from letters to numbers. Is that possible?

My column headers in Excel (Office 2000) have switched from letters to
numbers. I would like to change them back to letters. How do I do this?

Some how I have change my columns to numbers instade of letters. I have seach
the internest as well as the help in excel and I can not find my answer.

Can someone help me? All I need to do is change my header columes back to
letters not numbers. Help


Somehow I managed to change the characters above each column from letters to numbers. i.e. Column A is now called Column 1. How do I change this back.

XP xl2003



i'm having trouble finding terms for a crossword. Can you guys help please?

1. Formula that makes calculating easy. (8 letters)
2. Graphic representation of a spreadsheet. (5 letters)
3. Horizontal line across the page to insert numbers. (4 letters)
4. Numbers or letters that are not calculated. (5 letters)
5. Vertical lines down the page to put numbers in. (7 letters)
6. Software to add, subtract, multiply or divide. (5 letters)
7. Like sum, average, maximum, minimum. (8 letters)

While merging data from different worksheets and formatting cells, I suddenly
noticed the column identifiers at the top of my worksheet changed to numbers
instead of letters. Any good ideas on how I should change them back to
letters? I searched Help Online and came up empty thus far. Thanks!

I export this information from my POS software. It is inventory information. I export it to a .csv file, then by saving it as a .xls file I can use the info to print my barcode labels.
For some reason one field (supplier part number) comes in like this:


Column is formatted General,
numbers will go to the right, and the numbers that have letters in them will go to the left of the column. I can align them all to one side, but that doesn't help my problem.

This .xls file is used by my Tagfast label program as an ole, and when the info comes into my Tagfast database the (supplier part number) that has letters in it do not show up, only the numbers show.

I guess my question is why are these entrys coming into the database on both sides of the column?


When I opened my Excel today I had numbers in the column headings instead of letters, so the cell in the first row first column had a location of R1C1, which I am assuming means; row 1 column 1. I have never seen this before and have no idea how to get it back to letters for the columns. I am hesitant to open any worksheets until this is figured out.

Please any/all help is greatly appreciated!!
Take care, Rick.

I am working with excell 2002 and a spreadsheet that someone gave me has numbers showing up across the columns instead of letters the rows are still numbered. I have never seen this before can any one tell me what is going on and how to get the letters back.

I feel really dumb but I have tried searching the web and the site for an answer. I have let it go for a while but now I need to change the code on my worksheet and I want to change the way the columns are titled.

For some reason, instead of the columns being labeled by letters, they are labeled as numbers as are the rows. How do I get it back to letters?

Thanks for all of your help!

Hi. I'm a new member here, so if this is a redundant question, I apologize.

I am using Excel 2003. Up until last year sometime, the headers were labelled with letters (A,B,C,etc). I'm not sure when or how, but they are now labelled with numbers like the rows. I find this much more difficult to use, especially since the formulas in the spreadsheets I developed all use the lettered columns, but they now are listed by number. How did the labels change, and is there a way I can change the columns back to letters? Or was this changed by Microsoft with an update?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi all,

Excel 2007 on windows 7 professional.
We've got an end user who opens a .dat file which is delimited with semi-colons, replaces some text in a couple of columns then saves as a text tab delimited file. She swears that before today, the saved file would retain the semi-colons. Now she says it's not. she generated a new .dat file for me and recreated the process, with the resultant semicolon-free file. I asked her to generate another one and send it to me. I opened it first in notepad, and saw the semi-colons. Opened it in excel (I'm using 2010 on win 7 professional), which saw it as a delimited file and asked me to specify the delimiter. It shows up fine, all the columns are righteous. I made no edits and saved as a text tab delimited, and that saved file had no semi-colons in it when I opened it. This seems normal to me; there's no semi-colons in the excel file, so why would there be in the text tab delimited file. I asked her coworker to generate another .dat from his pc and let me know what he sees, but he hasn't reported back yet.
Unless i'm wrong, the end user is doing something different, or I'm just missing something. Could anyone offer guidance? Thanks.

Hi, Im not really sure of the formula I need so I havent suggested. I have tried len, Istext etc but got stuck.

I have a combination of letters and numbers in a column. For example.


I need a formula to tell whether they begin with two letters and have a certain number of numbers then end in letters. Or have letters in the middle. Sorry Im so vague, I just need a start in the right direction. Ideally combined with an IF statement.

In english (If two letters afetr nine numbers then yes)

Kindest regards


Hi there, does anyone know if there is a method to filter by characters/letters (or it would suffice to filter only by numbers).

To explain the situation I have a sheet that is created via a macro from a text file but before I add a formula to the sheet (involving a lastrow code) I need to take out quite few rows of needless text i.e. headers, page numbers, file details, dotted lines from where the page breaks were on the text file etc. to cut down the rows of calculation. Obviously the number of rows varies with each load of a new text file.

Now what I do have is a column (C) where all the rows I need to keep are a numeric value and all the lines I need to lose are either characters or letters.

I can apply an autofilter for each different character/word/partial word but there are a fair few I would need to put in so I was wondering if there is already a method in excel for selecting letters/characters/numbers separately to use with a filter.

Please note that it needs to be added to a macro and needs to work in Excel 2003.

Title says it all really!!

For some reason, instead of letters, my row headings have numbers. This is making reading formulas incredibly confusing.

How can I change the row headings back to letters?