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Cant Copy Or Move Sheet - Greyed Out

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Afternoon all,

Can someone take a look at this for me? This workbook, which is unprotected, will not let me copy or move an existing sheet, or create a new one.

What have I done?

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Similar Topics


For some reason I no longer have the ability to move worksheets in a workbook which has been evolving for some time now.

When I right click on a sheet tab, the "move" and "copy" sheet functions are greyed out.

Any help here?

Thanks in advance!


I have a user who is trying to use <EDIT><MOVE OR COPY SHEET> to copy a sheet to an existing workbook. She has them in the same directory and has them both open, but when she tries to copy a sheet from either of them to the other, the only workbook listed in the "TO BOOK" drop down menu is the one she is in. NO other workbooks show up as an option for her to copy to. If you have any suggestions on why this would happen, please let me know. Thanks!

I want to copy a worksheet and insert it on another tab in the same file, when I click on Edit the 'Move or Copy sheet' option is greyed out so I cannot select it. I have other files open and can move or copy successfully, so the problem must lie in this particular file, how can I fix this?

I am working on a userform and i wont to be abel to use the move and copy, to move a sheet from one workbook to another workbook. most of my users are not that good at Excel, and with the form up you can not use excel move and copy. or a way to have a list of all my sheets in a comboboxes or list boxes to pick the sheet to move.

xl2007 here...
I often use the above procedure to create an identical copy of a sheet to the right of the existing sheet.

I just went to VBE and in the ThisWorkbook section selected the NewSheet Event with a oniner Msgbox "A New Sheet was just created"

I then did the rgt-click on the sheets tab, selected Move/Copy sheets; checked the COPY at the bottom, also after current sheet and It CREATED the New Sheet, BUT - My message DID NOT APPEAR!! Is this action Not subject to this Event?

Any help appreciated...


Excel 2003 on WinXP SP2 - There is one workbook that will not allow sheets to be copied. There is no error message generated when doing this. New spreadsheets and other existing spreadsheets allow copying. This workbook does not have any macros, is not protected, and the sheets are not protected.

Right-clicking on the tab, then left-clicking "Move or copy". In the dialog, we are keeping it in the same workbook, and making sure that the "Create a copy" box is checked. The PC seems to do something for a few seconds, but nothing is copied.

Using the same "Move or copy", we are able to move the sheets to a new workbook. However, after doing so, we are still unable to copy the spreadsheet in the new workbook. I think that it narrows this issue down to the sheets in this workbook, but I am at a loss on what to look for next.

I have a sheet within a workbook that I copy and create a duplicate within workbook ( "Test") becomes "Test (2)" after creation.

Without doing anything to "Test (2)" I then attempt to create a copy of "Test (2)" and receive the message, "a formula or sheet you want to move or copy contains the name "XXXX"...." the "XXX" refers to a team member who left years previously and their name is not present anywhere, that I can locate, within workbook!!!!

If I return to "Test" I can create another copy with no problem i.e "Test (3)" but if I again try to copy "Test (3)" I again receive the message.

anyone know why this occurs and if there is anywhere else I should consider looking within workbooks. I have tried lists, formulas, scripts etc but unable to find any reference to "XXXX" (named individual).

I have to do a lot of hard copies of data. It's easy enough to right-click the sheet tab and choose 'Move or copy' with the 'create a copy' option checked and select 'New workbook', but I want to do more stuff such as copy-paste values in a macro so it can be done with one click.
I tried recording it but it didn't get recorded.
What's the code I would need to emulate this (if it's possible)

When I try to copy sheets in a workbook to another sheet in the same workbook
I get the following error message:

A formula or sheet you want to move or copy contains the name 'aa', which
already exists on the destination worksheet.

This repeats many, many times until it ends with something like
'zzzzzzzzzzz'. How can I preclude this from happening? I don't have any
named ranges in the sheet/workbook that this occurs in. Has anyone seen this?

Is it possible to disable the ability to right click on a tab and select "move or copy"?

I've already disabled the Edit->Move or Copy Sheet... feature on the menu.

I'm sending a file to users that I don't want them to print. The workbook itself has the print function password protected and copy/paste disabled. Any help would be appreciated.


To clarify I already have the printing part solved, but I don't want them to be able to move or copy the tab or tabs to a new workbook and print from there.

I use Excel 2007 on XP/SP3.
I work with an application that 'dynamically' builds an Excel Spreadsheet.
What I have been doing is clicking on the sheet tab, then doing a 'Move or Copy' to move the sheet to another spreadsheet that I'm working on. Well, something has changed (beyond my control) in this application. When I go to the 'Move or Copy' dialog I can no longer select the Book where my 'big' spreadsheet is. The only Books that are available in the dialog is the one where that sheet came from. I suspect that what is happening is that a new instance of Excel is being started and one instance isn't aware of the other. But whatever the reason I need to recreate this move function because I do it all the time. I need the sheet to look exactly the same after the move. I've tried various kinds of copy/paste. I can get the data over but I can't get the formatting.

I'll try anything. If there is an add on or something else that will give me this function back I'd be more than willing to try it. But any help will be gratefully accepted.

Thanks in advance!


I need to find a way to disable certain Excel functions, like the Move or Copy sheet action. I would like to ask for some good advice on how to do this.

Also, although I understand this is highly unlikely, but is there any way to control the parameters shown in the Move or Copy form? (from Edit --> Move or Copy sheet). Is there ay way to remove the item "(new book)" from the "To Book" dropdownlist?

If not, perhaps I could disable the dropdownlist altogether? This way moving or copying could be done only within the current workbook.

Thanks for reading!

I have some macro. It works on data which is on workbook with this macro and on external excel file. In this workbook macro is adding some text and formatting cells.

I can not copy worksheet (anywhere), but I can move it (option "create a copy" is unmarked). Workbook and worksheets are unprotected. There is not any message or error. After moving worsheet into another workbook I stil cannot copy its elsewhere. I cannot copy its manually nor automatically (using VBA).

If anybody knows how solve this problem?


i have posted something similar earlier today but this is alittle different.
I have a sheet called Template in a workbook. i need to be able to issue a
macro that will copy it and move it to the far right after all other sheets.
Then rename it 1 number above the last sheet. i.e. if the last sheet was 2567
then my new copied shett will be 2568.



I trying to right click on move or copy a sheet at the bottom of the page,
but the move or copy isn't highlighted anymore. Insert, delete, rename or
move or copy is in light gray and won't let you click on it to choose it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I am using Excel 2000 SR-1.

On certain Excel documents, whenever I try to copy a workbook by clicking on Edit - Move or Copy Sheet, I get a warning that says:

A formula or sheet you want to move or copy contains the name "_____", which already exists on the destination worksheet. Do you want to use this version of the name?

To use the name as defined in the destination sheet, click YES.

To rename the range referred to in the formula or worksheet, click NO and enter a new name in the Name Conflict dialog box.

In a particular workbook, it says there are 10 formulas or names that will be overwritten.

In all cases, either there are no named ranges, formulas or macros in the workbook that match the given name or there aren't any at all in the workbook.

How can I identify these formulas or names and get rid of this problem?


I want to move a worksheet to a different workbook. I use the move and copy tool and a dialog box appears advising that the sheet can't be moved because it has less columns and/or rows than the target workbook. It reads that you can copy and paste, but that defeats the purpose of the tool. I can't remember that this ever happened in Excel 2002. Is this new in 2007 and can it be overcome?



I have two sheets in an existing workbook that I would like to copy to a new book (as in manual "Move or Copy"

I have used ActiveSheet.Copy to copy one sheet, but need the code to copy the two to a new

Sheets are Sheet2 and Sheet14


Worksheets("Sales") and ("Weekly")

Thanks for any help


I'm trying to make a copy of a worksheet (just manually, via either or 'edit / move or copy sheet'), within the same workbook, but am unable to. I thought the problem might be because of my having the worksheet protected, but I unprotected it, tried to copy, and still no luck. It's a workbook I created, and other than the worksheet being password-protected, I don't recall any special settings I would have created. Any ideas where I might look for what's causing the problem?? I'm using Excel Pro 2003, SP3.

I am working in Excel 2007 with a workbook that is saved as an Excel 2003 file (.xls extension). The workbook has a seperate tab for ever person in my office (around 30 people) to post their workschedule. It is a shared workbook so everyone can access it at the same time. I need to add a new tab for a new employee so I had everyone exit from the workbook and then I unshared the workbook. I am trying to copy and paste one of the worksheets so the formatting is the same. I usually just right click on the tab (i.e Sheet1), select "Move or copy", and then check the box to copy the worksheet. When I try to right-click the tab I get nothing. I am able to right click in a cell just fine. The workbook is unprotected and I don't know how to fix this.

Any help?


A colleague of mine has the following problem:

When he opens a new workbook and he right clicks on a sheet, all functions are available except for the "Move or copy...". The latter is gray.
The workbook is not protected, as it is a new one.

Does anyone knows how to solve this?

Thanks in advance,



Can anyone tell me how to move/copy a worksheet to a new workbook and keep the values made by the formulas but not have the formulas included on the new sheet?

In our current method, we copy/move the sheet to a different workbook, sometimes 60 or more, then we must copy,paste special, values, in the columns that contained formulas.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


I have what may be a 3 part question so help on either one is appreciated.

I have 102 separate workbooks that need to be reorganized. I have attached a sample to this post but what I am looking to do is create a copy of the existing workbook and remove some data and reorganize the data that remains.

So the steps I am looking to accomplish are these:

1 - Create a new workbook with the same name (or samename1.xls).
2 - Copy specific content to the new workbook. The data I am looking to remove is A1:H3. Move the value of A4 to the new A1 and A6 to the new B1.

And lastly,

3 - Shift the data in B4->H4 to the new A2->G2 (and all rows that have data).

Thanks in advance for the help,



I've built a tool via a pivot table with several macros that work either in the background or via form control buttons and all of a sudden I'm getting an error when I try to create a new tab/sheet in the overall workbook that 'That command cannot be used on multiple selections'.

I've checked pretty thoroughly that there's no multiple selections in play via the following methods:
Group and ungroup the tabs Clicked in a separate cell without having the Ctrl key held down Pressed ESC Run a new macro with just 'Application.CutCopyMode = False' Tried to execute a macro with 'Application.DisplayAlerts = False' 'Sheets.Add' 'Application.DisplayAlerts = True' which got still came up with the error Holding Ctrl and moving a current sheet to the end Right clicking a current sheet and selecting Move or Copy and Copy and Move to the End Shift + F11 Move or Copy and Copy from a fresh Excel to this sheet Nothing seems to work. And I'm completely stumped - any ideas?

There is a difference between copying all the cells in a sheet and copying the sheet itself.

1. Select all cells in the sheet by pressing Ctrl+A>, or if the selected cell is in a Current Region/List range, press Ctrl+A+A.
Click Select All at the upper-left intersection of rows and columns.
2. Press Ctrl+C.
3. Press Ctrl+Page Down to select another sheet, then select cell A1.
4. Press Enter>.

Copying the entire sheet means copying the cells, the page setup settings, and the defined Names range.

1. Click on a sheet tab.
2. Hold down the Ctrl key, and drag the sheet to a different location.
3. Release the mouse button and then the Ctrl key.

1. Right-click the appropriate sheet tab.
2. From the shortcut menu, select Move or Copy. The Move or Copy dialog box enables to copy the sheet either to a different location in the current workbook, or to a different workbook. Make sure to mark the Create a copy checkbox.

1. Select View -> Arrange (in Window Group).
2. Select Tiled.
3. Use Option 1 above (dragging the sheet while pressing the Ctrl key) to copy or move a sheet.