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Excel 2010 Keeps Changing Format From Number To Currency

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when i receive an excel file in an email, i open it and all numbers in the cells would be changed to curency with $ sign.
in the original file dells are formated as numbers .
does anyone encountered that issue?

please help

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I have created a table for following payments. So each row has, few cells formated as currency.
Then I open the same file on other computer (other excel), and format of number changed from $11.000,00 to $ or something.
How can I solve this?


I know it's been asked a hundred times before, so one more time shouldn't matter.

I want negative numbers in my check register to be displayed in red, maybe bold red. I'm not using a number format but rather an accounting format, so changing the "number" format in Format - Cells - Number doesn't work.

Using the Currency Format will ensure that your numbers will not align evenly down the column, so that's out. Number Format doesn't have a "$" sign, so I don't want to use that either. Accounting is the best, as numbers are even all the way down the sheet and it has the $ sign. Now if I can just get $ (100.00) to show in red, I'd be in business. Red with a minus sign instead of Parenthesis would be even better.

After exporting numbers from Quickbooks into Excel (2003), I tried changing
them to a currency format, but the numbers refuse to change.

Original number 3000
What I want $3,000

I also tried General, Text, et all.

Any idea what is going on here? How do I get it to conform?




I need to add a leading zero before month in a text file, but the spacing should same as before after adding the zero also.

I tries using to open with excel and changed the format but after i did the test to columns the spacing of the old format is changed.


BUARDC 04294008295 010321 6000 7/17/2010 0000354652 000224

This is the sample data, in this i need to add zero before that "7". but the format should be same like the spacing between the letters and all the numbers also.

Can anyone help me on this i can solve this issue.

Thanks in advance



I need to add a leading zero before month in a text file, but the spacing should same as before after adding the zero also.

I tries using to open with excel and changed the format but after i did the test to columns the spacing of the old format is changed.


BUARDC 04294008295 010321 6000 7/17/2010 0000354652 000224

This is the sample data, in this i need to add zero before that "7". but the format should be same like the spacing between the letters and all the numbers also.

Can anyone help me on this i can solve this issue.

Thanks in advance


I'm looking for a way of converting currency and I can't seem to find anything on the board (at least not that I understand how to implement...)

what I have:
Several times a week I get workbooks (all in different layouts) which contain both text and pricing.

What I need:
I need to be able to convert all cells which are formated as a specific currency (GBP, USD and EUR) into one of the orthr currencies.

What I think could be the solution;
A macro or something that performs like this (one fore ach currency) "IF A1:ZZ9999 is formated as currency (GBP) THEN add function =FOREX!C2* in same cell"

The reason fro the add fuction is that I need to be able to see the original numbers and update the exchage rate on a going basis.

Is this possible???

Thanks in advance

Hi all the excel experts,

I have a file contains thousands of rows of purchasing order. the purchasing value is in different local currency,the data(number) format is "Accounting" .

Is there a way to separate the currency sign and the number into different column?

I need to the currency sign to be able to convert data to desired currency. But Excel read the data as number. so I was doing it row by row. Such a pain and not efficient.

Anyone can help on that?

Thanks in advance/

Excel 2007: I'm trying to print negative numbers in parentheses in my worksheet. When I go to the numbers dialogue box and click "numbers" or "currency", the only options that are shown are to print negative numbers with a minus sign, or print in red. When I format my cell to "numbers", "currency" or "accounting" and enter a negative number, it appears with a minus sign in front of the number.

I also have Excel 2007 on my laptop and am not experiencing any problems. Negative numbers appear in parentheses in the number, currency and accounting formats.

Have I inadvertently adjusted a setting somewhere? Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


I have a friend who is sending me and a number of others an email with an excel document attached. When I receive and open the file; the data within has gone and the page name changed to the file name. The others, who receive the same file, are not suffering the same problem.

Has anyone got any idea as to why this is happening and more importantly what I can do to stop it? Many thanks.

I use a file to download into excel, however in the downloaded file negative numbers come over with the negative sign at the end of the number and in how can I easily convert them to negative currency numbers in excel. I have been putting the number sign at the beginning and then deleting the one at the end, but I am sure there is an easier way.

Thank you in advance


I don't know what is wrong with my excel setting... I'm not able to see some of the numbers (in currency/accounting) in excel file, it shows as many "#" sign, and it's not due to the column width. The same file can be seen in other computer.

The format setting is the same in all the cells but only certain rows/cells' numbers appear like "normal".

Please help.


I have a large excel sheet containing many numbers and formulas. The user can choose from a drop-down list the currency to use (USD, GBP, EUR, JPY). Each time the currency has been changed all the cells will be recalculated using the new currency and also the cell currency format is changed.

What would be the most efficient way to solve this problem with VBA or excel? Thanks for your help.

When opening a .CSV created from a third party software, one of the columns
is converted to date format. The numbers are imported in #/# format. and
Excel changes most of the numbers to 2-Jan, 3-Jan etc... This would not be
that big of an issue if I could simply set it back. Clearing format or
changing to text converts it to a 5 digit number.

The only way I have found to get it to work properly thus far is to open a
blank sheet and import data and setting the column to text prior to import.

I would like to find a way of opening the CSV file without all the extra
steps. Is there a setting that can be turned off?

Thanks in advance,

Hi all,

I have a spreadsheet that is use to form tables using macros. However, Iuse the same spreadhseet for all the different tables I creat and a problem arises when for one report a column will have a cost in it (want the column or cells to be formated as currency).

Then a clear that and make another report and the old cost column has a account code in it that is amde up as numbers.

Unforunately due to the previous formatting the account code is changed to currency.

The question is: what vba code can I use, for example on column "A" of a spreadhseet that will change the format of that column to what i need. Such as number, currency, text etc.

Thanks in advance


This is my first post, so let me get a few things out of the way. I currently run support for a valuation and fraud examination company of roughly 70 users. I've been presented with a problem that I have not been able to find a solution for online (probably because I'm not wording it properly). My knowledge of Excel operations and vocabulary is limited, so I apologize in advance for screwing anything up in my description of this problem.

A user contacted me this morning because he had an issue with two spreadsheets he was working on for a client. Spreadsheet A was sent several months ago and had a set of numbers inputted ( Numbers A ). As it turned out, the client had sent the wrong set of numbers with that spreadsheet, so he emailed a new one to us yesterday ( Spreadsheet B ) with a new, correct set of numbers ( Numbers B ).

The user saved Spreadsheet B to a file he could work on off of his C drive ( Working File ). He was working with Working File open, when he decided to check something from the original, incorrect spreadsheet, Spreadsheet A . As soon as he opened Spreadsheet A , the numbers in Working File which were originally correct ( Numbers B ), immediately changed to the incorrect numbers ( Numbers A ) without notification.

Fortunately, he noticed this and opened the correct file, Spreadsheet B , to copy the correct numbers ( Numbers B ) back into Working File . However, as soon as he opened Spreadsheet B , Working File again changed all the numbers without notice to the correct numbers ( Numbers B ).

My two questions a
1. Why is this happening? I imagine there is some sort of hidden temp file that is being overwritten.

2. How do I make sure this doesn't happen in the future?

To us, this is a serious problem. If the user hadn't picked up on the fact that the numbers had changed, the entire valuation could have been incorrect and we not only would have lost the client, but also could have been sued in the process.

There is probably a really easy answer to this question but I cannot seem to figure it out. I need to calculate the sum of pages faxed on a fax report at my office on an excel spreadsheet which is downloaded from our server. It appears the file is not meant to be used in excel but it downloads as an "*.xls" file anyway. When I open the file I receive this message:
"The file you are trying to open, 'FaxCetailReport.xls', is in a different format then specified by the file extension. Verify that the file is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening the file. Do you want to open the file now?"

The file is comnig from a trusted source so I select "Yes" and it opens just fine. There are just over 50 rows of info, one of them being the number of pages. In a blank cell I enter "=SUM(select rows)" and the result is a "0". I have converted the cells to the "number" format, no change. When I right click on the cells and select format, the protection tab on the right has the check box "Locked" checked and unchecking it does nothing, it is checked as soon as you go back in to the protection tab.

The only way around this is to manually retype the numbers in a cell next to the pages column, which is ok for 50 numbers, but I have some sheets where there is over 1,000 entries. Any advice?

I think I included everything I know at this point, let me know if you need more info. Thanks.

I have just purchased a netbook an installed Excel 2003 on it. I have copied all my Excel data files from my desktop where all negative numbers are in parenthesis. The files in the netbook, however, are showing a negative sign. I have customised the Regional Settings so that negative numbers and currency are in parenthesis, however, these options do not appear when I choose Format, Cells Numbers or Currency - only the negative sign option is shown. How do I get a general change so that all negative numbers in all Excel worksheets can be in parenthesis.

I have cut and paste a series of numbers from my online bank account statement, however, when I go to add a total to the spreadsheet it comes back as zero. I have removed the currency sign from in front of it, I have changed the column format to be numbers but the total still reports a zero.

However, if I type in the number the value is recognized.

Can anyone help me? as I'd rather not have to re-type all of the numbers as that was the whole point of cutting and pasting the numbers.

I did not intentionally change anything. Starting today, when I open a new file and go to format the numbers, I no longer have the option under either "number" or "accounting" to select that negative numbers be displayed with parenthesis (). When I open an old file that I know I formatted this way using "accounting", those negative numbers still show with "()" instead of "-" but when I check Format - Numbers it shows me that the cell is formatted as "Custom". I know for a fact that I formatted that cell with "Accounting" and it had "()". Does anyone know why my "Accounting" format for negative numbers mysteriously changed from "()" to "-"? I'd like to change it back and I don't want to have to keep creating "Custom" formats just to get "()" for my negative numbers. I have not changed versions of Excel and I'm working on the same PC as always. The only thing I can think of is I opened an Excel file that was sent to me internationally and formatted "-" instead of "()" but I can't understand why that would change my default "accounting" format. Any help?

In my shop, we have a process which runs few "JCL's" on mainframe environment and prepares some data in the report format (basically just a text).

Then we send that file as attachment to users. the attachment goes as CSV file.

My rquirement is ----

I want to format this report. Like changing color of Title / adding subtotals etc.

Currently when users receive csv file, they open it in excel they can see the plain data and have to format it manually.

Is there any way i can preset this format. So whenever user will open this CSV file, he will automatically see the formated data ...


I'm pretty average with Excel, so there may be a not too diffictul solution to this issue, but I have turned to a dedicated forum as I simply can't find it...

I have data I've imported into excel. One column was basically numbers, with 5 additional characters at the end of each value. I used the LEFT command to strip those out (yay me and the help file!)

What I'm left with is the numbers. BUT, there is an issue. Every number is preceded either with a - or a + (depending, obviously, on whether the number was negative or positive).

I'd like to just be able to do normal calcuations etc with the numbers, but the + signs are causing obvious grief. I've tried changing the cells to number, to text, to general etc. I also figured I could just do a search and replace, search for a + and replace with nothing, and then convert all the cells to numbers. But that doesn't work. According to the Find item there are no +s in my spreadsheet.

I assume because the + symbol has significance excel tries to treat it differently and that is causing my issue? Is there a way around this?

Oh, and I'm using Excel 2007...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I have a new problem that has cropped up with the autofill feature. When trying to create new file numbers, i.e. 5000-5999, I enter 5001, 5002, 5003, in three consecutive cells. Then I try to autofill the remained by selecting the three cells and pulling down from the + indicator. However, all I am getting is the same three (or two, or four, if I try that many) file numbers, instead of the new consecutive numbers. I've tried changing the column format to general, number, and text, and disabling a macro that runs on this page, all to no avail. This has not happened to me before, as the existing file numbers up to 5000 were created in this very fashion!

I'm a bit stumped - any help/input from some pro's or somebody who may have encountered this type of problem before is greatly appreciated.


Under the currency category of Format Cells, some machines only display four
choices for negative numbers, while others display five. There is no choice
for red negative with a leading minus sign.

I've gone through to check if it's a version related issue, but can't seem
to replicate the situation. We have Office 2K on W2K SP4.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Lately I have been having this weird formatting glitch show up on my excel sheets. For some reason all of my numbers that were previously formated as numbers are now being formatted differently. It started with dates, I would open my sheet and all of the numbers and blank cells were formatted as dates. Now they are formatted as currency (Euros). This has happened in several of my files and I have no idea why. Any thoughts? Thanks.


I have a column of data and there some data that contain both numbers and characters, for example - "55555E001" the file is a .csv file that I upload into a database. The data in that column is initailly entered as text and on the first upload it works fine but the next time I open that .csv file the column the format is changed to sicentific for those cells that have a number with the letter "E" in it. My question is, is there anyway to stop the format from changing?