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Convert Upper Case To Lower Case?

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I have an worksheet that has 2000 names all in upper case. I want to
convert them to "proper" names. I can't figure out how to do it.

The sheet has:
Column A

and I want
First Middle Last

For all the rows.

Thanks for your help.

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I've read a handful of threads on here regarding combination, but my challenge is a bit different.

I have 9 characters, i know the order the need to appear in, however, i need the different upper and lower case combinations.

Here are the characters AND in the correct sequence:

upper or lower case "g"
upper or lower case "r"
upper or lower case "o"
upper or lower case "o"
upper or lower case "v"
upper or lower case "e"
upper or lower case "n"
upper or lower case "y"
upper or lower case "c"

Note that the "o" needs to be repeated in the string.

Does anyone know how to plug this into Excel with the appropriate formulas and get all the possible combinations?

Thank you in advance,

Hi... an associate just asked me if there's any way for vba to detect if each individual character in a string is in caps, and if so, convert to lower case, and if it's in lower case, convert to capitalized
The text will vary in length and content... so he wants to see how we can change:
"This Is Strange" to "tHIS iS sTRANGE"
"THIS IS STRANGE" to "this is strange"
"this is strange" to "THIS IS STRANGE"

I tried searching for answers but haven't found anything yet.
Any ideas?

Excel has UPPER, LOWER and PROPER functions to convert the text to upper case, lower case or proper case. I know that VBA has UCase and LCase in place of UPPER and LOWER functions. Is there an equivalent in VBA for PROPER function?

Hi again,

I dont know if is called "sorting", but we have a column with student names. Some are upper case and others lower case. There are almost 130,000 names, so we need to know how to get the upper case first and then all the lower case names (or in two diff. columns or any way it presents it).

Thank you in advance!



Please refer to attached sheet.
I have long list of names, I am showing you sample list in Sheet1

COlumn A and Column D i need help.
As you can see inconsistant with uuper and lower case letter.

I need VB Macro to convert all words starting with upper case and rest be lower case in column A and D.

Please let me know if any questions

Thank you.


Hi there,

A few questions:
1) how to convert a column [or row] of data into upper case?

2) how to merge two columns of names into 1 column where a space separates the two names

3) how to convert the names in a column to mixed case, that is, the first letter of a name is in upper case, the remainder lower-case? Hmm how to work with names like McCain or O'Hanlon, or Smith-Jones?

Would a book like 'excel for dunmmies' help here, or please recommend your gav book.

Thanks for the assist. I hope I can help others soon too!

Hi there,

I have a spreadsheet that is downloaded from a network. The names in column C are in upper case and I want to use the "Proper" function to convert to upper and lower case.

Each time I use this function (in column D) it produces the words "=PROPER(C)". Column D is formatted as text. Does anyone know why this occurs?

Thank you.

Hi There,
I am using the "Proper" function to convert customer names from upper case (in column C) to an upper & lower case format (in column D). The code I use is

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=PROPER(RC[-1])"

What code can I use to fill column D to the bottom of the data? The number of rows will vary each time.

Please help?


Is there a way that we can convert lower case charecters to upper case in MS
Excel cells? I have more than 150 User ID's written down in Excel using both
Upper case and Lower case. But now I need to convert them in to upper case.
Is there an option for that?

I have done a search but couldn't find anything that helps.

I have inherited an excel file that has approx 500 lines and 20 columns.

Some of the sheet is in lower case and some in upper case.

I would like to be able to convert this sheet to ALL UPPER case.

Could somebody please give me some assistance.

Thank you.


I'm trying to figure out if there is any way of performing a logical check (possibly by way of a custom function?) to ascertain whether a cell contains a text string (no numbers) and is all in upper case (or lower case, or Proper Case).

The reason for this is that I receive approx 10,000 rows of data each month French customers who - for some strange reason - seem unable to tell the difference between a "First Name" and "Surname" field header (in French obviously!)

While most people do complete their data correctly, there is a large proportion where I can tell that the surname has been typed in the First Name field and vice versa. I can tell this because in France it is common practice to type your first name in proper case and your surname/family name in upper case.

What I therefore need is some way of identifying rows where data in Column A (First Name) is in upper case AND where the corresponding data in Column B (Surname) is in lower case or proper case.

Once identified, I can swap the values between columns.

Is there a relatively simple way of creating a logical check (to return TRUE or FALSE) on whether a cell's contents are in upper case, lower case or proper case?

Hi all,

Pl suggest how to convert a given text string to Proper Case by VB code.
VB Code of Upper & Lower Case exsist but couldn't trace for the Proper Case, as we have it in Normal Excel Formula bar.

Thanks & Regards,

Vijay Anand.R

Is there a way to highlight a portion of a phrase in an Excel cell and
convert the phrase to capital letters (lower case to upper case), rather
than retype the entire phrase? Also is it possible to highlight a portion
phrase and have all the first letters of words convert from lower case to
upper case? I have to go through an Excel document and convert sections of
phrases to all upper case letters, I would rather not retype the entire
section. I do not believe a formula will work as a portion of the cell must
be all caps and a portion lower case or proper, and because the data has
already been inputted.

Thanks, Bob

I have macro that counts an "x" in a particular cell on multiple sheets and then reports it back on one sheet. It is all input manually by several users, so sometimes they use Upper case (X) and sometimes they use Lower case (x). How do I make Excel ignore the case and count if it is upper and/or lower case?

I have a string of names that run together without spaces or commas between each name.

"Danny TrejoJean Claude van DammeVincent SchiavelliGabrielle FitzpatrickDavid 'Shark' FralickPat Morita" for example.

Is there a way to add a comma and space between a lower case and upper case letter?

I have 3 worksheets in my workbook: "Sheet AA", "Sheet BB", and "DataCC".
Worksheet "DataCC" contains 3 columns and is a monthly mass import from another system:

StreetAddress_1 StreetAddress_2 City

I need a VB to replace/convert data in those 3 columns upon the workbook opening resulting in the following output:

For data in the "STREETADDRESS_1" column I need Proper Case, except for at the end of the addresses where it has "NE", "NW", "SE", "SW". I need these to remain in UPPER CASE.

For data in the "STREETADDRESS_2" column I need Proper Case, only for the words "APT" or "UNIT".

For data in the "City" column I need Proper Case.


Ok, im doing a simple Vlookup into a sheet. Simple enough and got that working, however I have now discovered that they could have the lookup field upper case or lower case this returning different values.

I see a couple of options.

1. check is the lookup is upper case (single letter e.g V or v) then define two lookup arrays one for upper case letters and one for lower. For that one i need to know how to check if the letter is upper or lower case

2. have vlookup recognise upper and lower and have one long lookup array. I have try adding the false critea but it still returns the first occurance of the letter weather upper or lower.

Any one else have an easier way or can answer one of those questions?

Sorry to ask such a simple question, but I'm having no luck in finding the answer myself.

I have a work sheet with a number of columns, all working well.

A 'minor' problem I have is that one column only has Text entry required, no problem, but I would like this Text to always be in Upper Case.
Ok, I can use the Shift key, but I'm no typist and I always seem to mess up and have to make corrections.

Is there a way please that I can enter Lower case or a mixture of Lower / Upper case letters that will always end up as Upper case in this particular column?

Thanks for your time.

magpye (John)

I know how to convert to all Upper case or all Lower case, but I want to take a sentence and convert it to where the first letter of the first word of the sentence is capitalized, and the rest of the sentence is lower case...

is there a function for this, or if not, does anyone have one in their own 'tool' box?



Hi all,

Stupid question for most but I just can not find anything.

I have create a few lists in Column B, C, D

What I would like to do is if a person enters lower case rather than using the drop downs, excel will convert it to upper case.

Why... Because I am a neat

If it can not be done, then so be it.

I uploaded a .xlsb file as the xls file was something like 5mb, dunno why, it doesn't have anything in it. The full size version is 13mb and it's got a bit of formatting.

Anyway. Many thanks in advance.

I have a database in Access 2000 where the fields have been entered in all upper case. We are converting to a new system and the type will have to be in upper & lower case.

I've been told the easiest way to do this would be to export to Excel.

I just wanted to check first and make sure this cannot be done in Access.

Does anyone know?


I have multiple sentences invariably with a full stop / period then one space after each and then a lower case letter which starts a new sentence.

I would like to convert all the lower case letters into upper case.

Is there an Excel function which will do this?

I have a file of names and addresses that were entered in all upper case. Is
there a fast way to change this file into upper and lower case? Thanks for
any help you can give me.
S Jan

Hi All,

First I need to convert lower case to upper case automatically for a whole work sheet for example you type john smith as soon as you move to next cell it will be JOHN SMITH.
I suppose it can be done either function or Macros. I have never done Macro before but I do like challenge. Would anyone be able to tell me some point to start with? much appreciated.


I am having some data which are mixed in lower case and upper case,