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Unable To Paste

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I am copying verbiage from one document saved in Word 2003. Trying to paste into Word 2007 document. Actually even trying to copy and paste within 2007 documents does not work.
Ctrl C or any variation to get a copy, then Ctrl V or any variation to paste = Nothing.
Clipboard is turned on.
I get an error message "Item not collected. Format not supported by Office Clipboard" when I do a Ctrl C
I understand what it is saying but why. Can I get around this?


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Hey everybody, I'm a bit of a lurker and a first time poster.

I'm running Microsoft Excel 2010 beta on a Vista laptop, and I am trying to decipher why I keep getting a problem that has not occurred in any other use of any software with Copy, Cut, and Paste to the best of my knowledge.

Notice when you go into Excel and type any value into any cell and press Enter, it gets fixed into the cell. Now, if you press Ctrl+X or Ctrl+C with that cell highlighted, it gets copied to the clipboard with some tracking animation around the original cell (the one you just copied or deleted).

If I go anywhere to Ctrl+V or Right-click > Paste that cell's contents, it only works as long as I have the cell highlighted. If I had Cut (Ctrl+X) the cell as opposed to Copy (Ctrl+C) it, I can only do this once. Now though, if I ever skip a line, enter another value than Ctrl+V, or do a number of other things, the blinking animation around the original cell disappears and I cannot paste the contents.

I understand why Ctrl+X will only let you do this once, but if I copied it to the clipboard, I should be able to paste the cell's contents even after I press Enter or do whatever to disengage the blinking animation on my original cell. Is there any way that I can keep Ctrl+V-ing my cell even after that stops blinking?

This often happens if I have a series of cells and I do Ctrl+V for some of them and enter values manually for others; once I do a manual value, I can no longer Ctrl+V something that I had on the clipboard not one second ago. In MS Office, for example, copying some text allows you to paste it until you copy something else, but Excel doesn't allow that for some reason.

I have Excel 2007 SP2. When I try to copy a formula using Ctrl+C and paste using Ctrl+V, only the copied value is pasted. When I copy using Ctrl+C and paste using a right mouse click, it pastes correctly. Also, if I copy using Ctrl+C and drag to the cells I want to calculate, it pastes correctly.

If I copy using Ctrl+C in C1 (having divided A1 by B1) and then select cells C2-C3 and try to paste using Ctrl+V, I get a message that the data on the clipboard is not the same size and shape as the selected area, do you want to paste the data anyway? I say OK and the column headings change from letters to numbers!

I've tried rebooting, repair, reinstallation of Excel, all to no avail. What gives?

On one specific excel file copying information from one tab and trying to paste on another is a problem.

I can use CTRL C to copy but as soon as i move to the other tab, i cannot paste using CTRL V. I can use the office clipboard but there has to be something wrong.

As a side note, after copying and moving to the next tab and back, the screen flashes slighly about 8-10 times like a process is running but there are no macros in the file.

CTRL V works on other files except for this one.

Dont want to cloud the issue but the computer was recently upgraded to windows 7 and previous version of xp works fine.


I have a sporadic problem were excel will not collect items to the clipboard same in word. I can copy and paste singly but cant copy multiple items to the clipboard to paste singly. this also happens in word at the same time but onenote which was installed seperately can copy to the clipboard normally. office 2007 windows 7


In my code I,

1. Open word document and copy document
2. Close word document without saving
3. Open outlook
4. hit ctrl v to paste document

The only problem I am having is this:

After word closes a clipboard dialogue box pops up with this message.

"You placed a large amount of text on the Clipboard. Do you want the text to be available to other applications after you quit word?"

Then when I say yes, another box appears that states

Microsoft Office WordMail could not be started. Close any open dialog boxes in Word and try again.

Most of the time the code works great, I believe when I open a couple of documents with more images, it prompts this message. And when I respond to the first message, the second one pops up and doesn't open outlook.

Is there a way to automatically respond to the first dialog box with code.

I have tried the application dont display alerts but to no avail.

Thanks for any help


Office 2003
Excel in particular
I can not select a cell ... hit CTRL+C ... select another cell ... hit
CTRL+V. Paste is never enabled. Apparently the Office Clipboard snags
it and this method no longer works. Thanks Bill ... that is a real
productivity booster.

The only KB article that I can find that related to disabling the
Office Clipboard doesn't seem to have an effect.;en-us;207438

Well that article applied to Office 2000. Except for the version 9.0
(now version 10.0 in Office 2003) the AcbControl does not disable the
clipboard. It just doesn't show it to you when stuff is on it. Excel
continues to use the Office clipboard as the holder of what was copied
using CTRL+C.

Does anyone know how to make Office use the windows clipboard instead
of the Office Clipboard?

In Microsoft Excel, I used to be able to select a group of cells and then paste it into Word as a Picture (both windows metafile and enhanced metafile). But now when I do this, it simply pastes nothing.

If I just do a regular paste (using ctrl+v) it will paste the cells as per normal, so I know that my clipboard is working. And mysteriously, if I log in to an administrator account (on the same computer) instead of a user privileges restricted one, I am able to paste cells as Picture in Word perfectly.

Does anybody know why this is the case? I'm using Office 2003 with the 2007 comptaiblity program installed and running Win Xp Pro SP3.


I have excel 2007 and on any cell I copy either Ctrl C or Copy from the lsiting then move to any other cell I can do Ctrl V or Paste once, then the cell contents disappear from the clipboard and the Paste option is now gray. I tried F2, SHift - Home and then Ctrl C, followed by multiple Ctrl V's and it works fine, but I should not have to do this every time. all help appreciated


I have excel 2007 and on any cell I copy either Ctrl C or Copy from the lsiting then move to any other cell I can do Ctrl V or Paste once, then the cell contents disappear from the clipboard and the Paste option is now gray. I tried F2, SHift - Home and then Ctrl C, followed by multiple Ctrl V's and it works fine, but I should not have to do this every time. all help appreciated


I have excel 2007 and on any cell I copy either Ctrl C or Copy from the lsiting then move to any other cell I can do Ctrl V or Paste once, then the cell contents disappear from the clipboard and the Paste option is now gray. I tried F2, SHift - Home and then Ctrl C, followed by multiple Ctrl V's and it works fine, but I should not have to do this every time. all help appreciated


I have a macro that copy data from a table in Qlikview and then paste it into EXCEL.

This has worked fine, but after upgrading to MS OFFICE 2010, the macro halts and is not able to paste the data from the clipboard into the Excel sheet (no code changes have been made)

VB script excel macro halts when trying to paste:

ActiveSheet.PasteSpecial Format:=Text, Link:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=False

Error Message received in EXCEL 2010 in the lower right corner:

Item not Collected: Format not supported by office Clipboard

Please advice, have goggled a lot, but cant get any good tip how to proceeed,

Thanks in advance,


I am able to copy and paste Excel worksheet cells into my Word documents.
However, when I try to copy an associated chart (graph) the clipboard tells
me that the item was not collected. I have installed all XP Home and Office
2003 updates. I am not sure what needs to be done. I uninstalled and
reinstalled Office 2003 Professional to correct this similar problem before.
Any hints?

Microsoft Excel 2003 SP2 on Windows XP SP2

The Cut, Copy and Paste icons are greyed out. They are also greyed out on
the Edit menu. Obviously the Paste icon is meant to be greyed out until
there's something in the clipboard, however it remains greyed out even when
I've copied some text.

The Cut, Copy and Paste options are available if I right-click a cell and
work OK.

Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V work fine.

I've run Help - Detect and Repair and it made no difference.

This problem occurs on both new and existing workbooks.

Any ideas how to fix this?


Hi all,

I have a problem with the content of the clipboard. I'm loosing the decimal places.

In cell "A1" is a number 1.23 with format: number and decimal places 0. So you can see only "1" in the cell.
I want to copy the value by Ctrl +C and treat it in a user defined function "myPaste()"


Sub myPaste()
   Dim oDO   As New DataObject
   Dim sText  As String

   sText = oDO.GetText(1)
End Sub

If the original cell value has format number with 0 decimal places, I get 1 from the clipboard. If I paste it to another cell with Ctrl + V, I get 1.23.

If the original cell value has format number with 2 decimal places, I get 1.23 from the clipboard.

Does anybody know, why the clipboard is loosing the decimal places when format of decimal places are 0, but Ctrl +V still got it?
How does Microsoft read the clipboard in the paste function Ctrl + V


I have about 600 Word Documents that contains information about clients. Each Word document file name is the name of the client. Example. Tom Smith. I wanted to be able to highlight all 600 word documents and paste them into Excel, so that I can press Ctrl-F to find what ever name it is I'm looking for, then click the name and the word document open. Is this possible?

Hi All;

For reasons relating to my efforts to write VBA code to paste an HTML table from a variable to a worksheet, I need to copy the text within a cell (but not the entire cell) to the clipboard. I find that if I do that manually using <CTRL> C and use code such as:


 Activesheet.paste :=Destination = Range("A5")

The HTML table gets pasted as a table with each cell in its proper worksheet cell. Copying and pasting the entire cell, only gets the HTML text reproduced.

So I have tried all I can think of to copy the HTML text to the clipboard. Here are some of my futile attempts, after having selected the text which I wish to copy from within the cell using:

Range("A1").activate  'that's where the text is
sendkeys "{F2}"  'places the insertion point at the end of the text in the cell
sendkeys "+{UP 500} 'there are CRLF characters in the text - continued Up arrows gets past them.
sendkeys "+{HOME"} - gets the selection to the beginning of the last line of text

Then, trying to copy the selected text ...
Using Sendkeys to emulate <CTRL> C - nothing happens, no copying Using Range("A1").copy in several variations - "call rejected by callee" error message Cant easily call and work with the clipboard because Office 2007 has hidden the Forms2_0.dll reference (which used to contain the Clipboard Object Library) where I can't find it. Tried Selection.copy - same "call rejected by callee" error message as above
Any help with a new approach (or a working solution ) would be appreciated.


Hi all,

Anyone know if, in Excel (or in Windows in general, for that matter), there's a way to dump the clipboard AFTER AN INITIAL paste (like a "paste once" only kinda thing)? Say, I copy the word "cool" from some non-office App, then paste it in a WS. After pasting this, I need an empty clipboard... Do I ask the impossible?


For some reason I cannot copy from one workbook to another. My typical
method for copying is to hit Ctrl+C, switch workbooks, then hit Ctrl+V
although attempts to use the toolbar and right-clicking don't seem to
work either.

The copy function works fine. I get the "marching ants" to indicate
the area I've selected to copy. However, when I switch to another
workbook, the clipboard seems to empty itself so I cannot paste what
I've copied. I can copy/paste within the same workbook without a
problem. This only occurs when I want to copy from one workbook to

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi all,

Anyone know if, in Excel (or in Windows in general, for that matter), there's a way to dump the clipboard AFTER AN INITIAL paste (like a "paste once" only kinda thing)? Say, I copy the word "cool" from some non-office App, then paste it in a WS. After successfully pasting this, I need an empty clipboard... It appears I ask the impossible.


CP Link (per forum rules):

When I use Ctrl-y to repeatedly paste, it, strangely, only works one time.

For example, if I want to paste six times, I copy and paste the first time. Then, I use Ctrl-y to paste the second time. The third time, Ctrl-y would not work. I have to left-click and choose "paste". After that, Ctrl-y would work again. Right after that, the fifth time, Ctrl-y would not work. I have to do a left-click and choose "paste". The sixth time, Ctrl-y would work again.

Ctrl-y only works every other time, after I do a paste from menu.

Any idea what is going on? This is Excel 2007 on Window 7 ultimate.


I am having trouble pasting between two spreadsheets in different instances of Excel.

I am copying a range of cells and then attempting to paste using ctrl + v/ right-click + paste in a workbook in the other instance of excel. It just selects the area where the cells would be pasted but nothing appears.

The only way I can get it to work is by using the clipboard task pane and clicking paste from there however this isn't a long term option as I need to code this into a macro. I also don't understand why there is a difference between pasting from the clipboard panel and pressing 'ctrl v'.

There are not macros running at the time and pasting into another program e.g. notepad works fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi all,

I do a lot of copying/pasting in excel. This gets 'tossed' into the
Clipboard and somehow gets full. When this happens, I'm unable to copy/paste.
I close excel completely and am still unable to copy/paste. The weird thing
is that it affects other programs, not just Office. Is there a way to clear
the clipboard? Or is there something else that could be the cause? Thanks
for any feedback.


Message posted via


I am attempting to use the office clipboard to switch 2 lines of data in excel 2007. I need to copy the values only, and leave the formatting alone. Now, I can copy the two lines of data just fine to the office clipboard, but when I use paste special the program accesses the system clipboard instead of the office clipboard. Thus, only my last copied item can be special pasted; the first can only be pasted from the office clipboard with the formatting and all. Does anyone know how to override this so that I can select what I wish to copy from the office clipboard and "paste special" it in my spreadsheet?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Just installed Office 2010.
When I press PrintScrn or ALT+PrintScrn >> move to an open WB and try to Paste the picture (which is, probably, located in the Comp. Clipboard) into whatever sheet -
I get this error:"Microsoft Excel cannot paste the data".
Pasting into a "Word" Document works like charm.
More than that - when I copy that pasted picture (from inside the document) it "agrees" to be pasted onto the WB Sheet.
Does anybody any clue ?
I am aware that the 2010 is a fresh beta version, "still warm from the oven", but maybe one of you faces a similar problem in one of the previous versions.

I copy a lot of screen shots on the internet (Firefox) in order to crop them and use them in Excel. ONLY LAST WEEK did I start having this problem. I use the ALT+PRT SCR option to select what's on one monitor (I have dual) and then usually have no problem pasting into Excel. All of a sudden last week I started getting an error message "Microsoft Office Excel cannot paste the data."

I tried clearing out the clipboard in Excel and the ALT+PRT SCR option will either show a black image in the clipboard, or the clipboard will show "item not collected."

Why is this happening just now? I've been running 2007 for more than 6 months...never had a problem until now.