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Morefunc With Excel 2010

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From where can i download the Morefunc add-in and does it also work with Excel 2010?


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Similar Topics

Dear Smartest Excelers Around,

I recently installed Windows 7 (64 bit) and Excel 2010 (64 bit) and I can't seem to get the MoreFunc add-in to work.

I went to this site to download the add-in:

Then I directed the Add-in dialog box to look at the file named:


I then checked the box and closed and opened Excel.

I can see the new item added to the Ribbon and I can insert functions such as MCONCAT but Excel does not recognize them (I see a #NAME! error).

Any ideas on how to get MoreFunc add-in to work in Excel 2010 (64 bit) and Windows 7 (64 bit)?

Does anyone know when they will release the morefunc add-on for Excel 2010? I tried to ask the question on their website but it is all in a foreign language and could not figure out how to navigate the forum.

A few of my spreadsheets uses morefunc functions and I am a little worried about upgrading to 2010 until the new morefunc add-on is release.

Thanks for your help.

Hi there I asked a question a month or two ago and the resoultion was that I needed to download morefunc to my computer to get this function to work in excel. I downloaded it that day and it worked, however since then I had my computer changed and now I need to download this program again.

Does anyone have the link to download morefunc?





I am looking for a link to a version of Morefunc that includes the COUNTIF.3D function. I downloaded from the link above, but I still can't seem to use COUNTIF.3D. If I just type the formula into a cell, Excel doesn't seem to recognize it. I can see the Morefunc menu in my add formula window, but COUNTIF.3D does not appear there. From what I've been able to find out about this function, it is included in Morefunc 5.05; the link above appears to be Morefunc 5 (perhaps 5.0?).

Am I missing something? If so I would really appreciate any help anyone can provide. I tried downloading from another location, which looked to be the author's website, but the download link seems to be broken there. See:

If anyone has an alternate link it would be much appreciated.[/quote]

I used to be able to use the indirect.ext function when I had Excel 2007 installed. I remember needing to download the Morefunc add on from Cnet. I have upgraded to Excel 2010, but at the time I upgraded the indirect.ext function would not work. Can anyone tell me if that problem has been fixed and what add-on if any I need to use. I can't seem to find the Morefunc add-on anymore.

Thank you.

Hi all, I downloaded and installed Morefunc 5.06 add-in which I found very useful in the past. I'm using Excel 2010 in Windows 7 (64-bit). I presumed that I would find this add-in within the Add-Ins section of the developer tab, but can't see it. I seem to recall that in an older version of Excel, it created a separate tab. Any ideas?

Are there any alternative places to download MOREFUNC.XLL? The link at the Morefunc for Excel site is broken, and the forums seem currently busted as well.

I am operating Windows 7 with Office 2010 Pro. I would like to use the MoreFunc 5.06 package so I can use the INDIRECT.EXT function. Does any one know if this add on will work for my version of excel and my OS? I have installed it but I am not seeing it anywhere.


I see online many people are searching for a link that works to download the Morefunc v5.06 add in for Excel. Today, I successfully used the following link to download the softwa

Click on the button that says Telecharger (1 Mo). This site is not in English but the download button works and I have successfully installed this updated version of Morefunc on Excel 2007 (Windows XP 32bit).


FYI looks like is down

Alternative download location?
Know whether the MOREFUNC.xll addin is still in development?


I have found that my company needs to download the excel add-in called "morefunc.dll", for the purpose of using the "indirect.ext" function; however, our systems dept. is leary about doing this because of any problems it may cause. If anyone has an experience good or bad with this download, could you please respond? I'd also like to know if this add-in is backed by Microsoft? I couldn't find anything on their website about it.

Please help - if I can't get more info. on this, they won't go ahead with the download.



I have this problem with the morefunc add in.
I have this workbook which 2 of the worksheets requires function from the morefunc add in (indirect.ext).
I created them and they worked. But after i save them then reopen the work book again the #ref error appear for one of the worksheet but the other still works.
Is there anyone who have encounter the same problem and the answer to it?



I want to use Morefunc within VBA, but I only get it to work within the Excel Interface.

Morefunc is (correctly?) installed, both Morefunc and Morefunc12 are checked at "Excel-Options>Add-Ins>Active Application Add-Ins" (I am not 100% sure whether this are the correct menue names because I had to translate into english).

Actually, I can use Morefunc within Excel. For example, writing "Filename()" into a random cell returns the workbook's name.

However, calling "Filename()" with VBA doesn't work:

Dim strTest As String 
strTest = Application.FileName

Instead, I get Error 438: Object does not support this attribute or function

In other forums, using "strTest = FileName()" respectively "Application.Run(FileName)" is suggested but both return the error message "error during compilation: function or sub not defined"

So, I have two questions:
1) How do you call morefunc functions correctly in VBA? I assume there are several correct ways, but some confirmation would be good to eliminate one possible source of error
2) How can I check whether morefunc is correctly installed? (Since this is the only other source of error I can think of)

Thanks in advance!

Hello everybody,

I'm working in a larg set of excel files, i need to count values according to a specific criteria accross multipile sheets, i download morefunc 5.06 but countif.3d didn't work at all, Excel just doesn't recognize it, while it does recognize all other functions in Morefunc 5.06 package.

Please help.

I recently downloaded Morefunc for excel and have been playing around with some of the functions. Truth be told I downloaded morefunc for its EVAL function which, from what I understand can accomplish the following:

In A1:A3 (for instance)
a1 = 3
a2 = +
a3 = 5


And the result should be 8.

In any case, I was looking up documentation for morefunc, where I found this great page that explain and gives examples to all the functions*:

*All the functions EXCEPT for EVAL... which gives a page not found error when you click on it.

So, is there anybody that can give an example on how EVAL works?

Any help would be highly appreciated

P.S: it it helps I'm using Excel 2007 on a 32bit Windows Vista Home Premium.

Hey all,
I'm fairly new to excel, and just finished writing a function that uses an indirect function as the second argument in a vlookup. The idea is that the vlookup will reference one of a series of documents, based on the contents of the indirect function. Unfortunately, I've been told that to do this I must have all the documents open. It would reference about 35 different documents, so this isn't really practical. Someone recommended using the MoreFunc addin, as it has an indirect that would allow me to reference closed workbooks, but when I google it, forums say it doesn't work properly with Excel 2010.

Does anyone have a different plugin with a similar function, or a solution to the MoreFunc/Excel2010 problem?

Thanks guys!

The function is below, just in case there are questions.

=IF(OR($M26="BLD.50916",$M26="BLD.10007",$M26="CEQ.31028"),VLOOKUP($K26,INDIRECT("'P:\PROJECT CONTROLS\Invoicing\Category Assignments\"&$C26&" - "&$F26&"\["&$C26&" "&1*RIGHT($L26,3)&" Lines.xlsx]Sheet1'!$G:$T"),14,0),IF($M26="ANT.12339",N26,0))

Obviously this function won't work for you without access to my harddrive, but I hope that it at least demonstrates the problem.

Here is the second argument from the vlookup isolated.
INDIRECT("'P:\PROJECT CONTROLS\Invoicing\Category Assignments\"&$C26&" - "&$F26&"\["&$C26&" "&1*RIGHT($L26,3)&" Lines.xlsx]Sheet1'!$G:$T"

Iv'e made a worksheet that uses INDIRECT.EXT from Morefunc.
I'm going to give this worksheet to a bunch of people and the problem is that they will - in most cases - not have morefunc.
It would be nice to have the worksheet to automaticly check if Morefunc is installed and popup a text to install it if it's not installed or, even better, begin to install it automaticly if it's not installed.

That's your thoughts about this?
Is this possible?
Or do you have better idea?
And yes, I want to use INDIRECT.EXT even though it makes trouble for the users.
Right now I've written a text in the beginning that explains that Morefunc have to be intsalled, but it just doesn't feel right.

This question has been asked by others but not answered. that I can find.

The morefunc addin works well in the spreadsheet but HOW do we access it from VBA ??
does not seem to work ?

Help Harry S.

Okay so for work Im having to download loads of company payments, do certain validations and switch them from sheet1 to sheet 2.

my first problem is how to validate the dates in excel. for example my company waht excel to pick up whether the date is written right i.e 1/12/2010 instead of 1/12/10 so in their scenario valid dates.

heres some data im working with

14/06/2010 14/06/2010 14/06/2010 11/06/2010 09/06/2010 08/06/2010 08/06/2010 08/06/2010 08/06/2010 07/06/2010 07/06/2010 07/06/2010 07/06/2010 07/06/2010 07/06/2010 07/06/2010 04/06/2010 03/06/2010 03/06/2010

i need to get excel to validate dates in every cell

thanks for reading

I think Laurent Longre's moregfunc is great and it is often referred to on this forum. I am using Longre's MCONCAT extensively in a spreadsheet I am
building, it could be said to be the centre of the spreadsheet's

A few nights ago (Western Australian time - Tue 3rd Feb 2008)
- my Excel installation has ceased to allow it be part of it. I have
uninstalled and reinstalled morefunc. I have rebooted. I have downloaded a
new copyfrom CNet. I have run a repair on Excel. All to no avail. It is as though Excel has stopped being willing to allow morefunc to 'attach' itself to / 'lock on to' / install itself in the Excel formulas bar. I am using Excel 2007. I am also on Microsoft Auto Update for everything on my machine.

Unfortunately all I get, when trying to use the home site for morefunc, is
lots of errors; that is why I am resorting to here as I am unable to access
the software's own discussion forum. I also had to use CNet to actually get my download.

If anyone has any ideas for what might be going on, or what settings I could check on Windows / Excel / Norton, I would be most grateful.

Best regards

Philip Hunt
Medina, Kwinana
Perth, Western Australia
Graewood Business Services, Kwinana, Perth, Western Australia


I am looking for INDEIRECT.EXT in MoreFunc ADD-IN but I cannot find it on web.

Does anybody know if this exists at all?

Or maybe somebody has better solution for:

Call specified cell (for example A1) from 50 sheets in file1 and collect al the values of sells A1 in other file in one column.


I have downloaded the Morefunc program for countif3d, but curious as to would I have to use SumProductIF to perform the following function?


Good day. This message was originally posted by error in the Lounge. How that happened, I have yet to figure out. Anyway, I recently posted a problem and the answer was to download the INDIRECT.EXT from Laurent Longre's website. I have tried Googling Longre, but every time that I get to the actual download command, I get a "Forbidden" access error message. Is he off-line for some reason? How do I register for access? Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the MoreFunc download?

Thanks, Dan...

For whatever reason, the MoreFunc add-in stopped working suddenly this morning (gives me #NAME? errors). Has this happened to anyone else? Is there any remedy outside of reinstallation?

I don't see the Morefunc add-in listed in the Recommended Add-ins... sticky. Is it no longer available?