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Print Protection???

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I need to protect an Excel document from being printing. Is it possible?

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I have a Document with multiple sheets in it and I ask it to print entire document which would be 7 sheets (1 Page printed per sheet) but only the first five will print, then it comes up with a second print queue that I need to use and OK to print the balance of them with. I'm printing To a PDF creation program. it saves and Prints the first 5 pages then asks for another new name of the document to save the next few pages. my PDF Creator works fantastic with any other program. I just need to know how to tell it to print as many sheets as I have to print without it doing that. so I can print all sheets in a single PDF document.

I have a Document with multiple sheets in it and I ask it to print entire document which would be 7 sheets (1 Page printed per sheet) but only the first five will print, then it comes up with a second print queue that I need to use and OK to print the balance of them with. I'm printing To a PDF creation program. it saves and Prince the first 5 pages then asks for another new name of the document to save the next few pages. my PDF Creator works fantastic with any other program. I just need to know how to tell it to print as many sheets as I have to print without it doing that. so I can print all sheets in a single PDF document.

Hi Community, I have found some informations regarding Excel Document Properties and how to create, edit and delete via VBA - but what I am looking for is: How to protect them!? I want to set the document properties to clearly show that it is MY document and dont want anybody to change that...
Is there any smooth way aside the normal workbook protection with password?

Many thanks in advance for your feedback!

I am printing a document in Excel with the gridlines bolded. However, when I
Print the document it shifts the text in some cells down so they sit on the
line. How do i fix this? Also just for reference i am using excel 2003 and
we are using a windows 2000 print server.

I'm using excel and trying to print a document with the print to fit function
and this works, however only utilizes half of the page, the top part of the
page in print preview, hence making the document to small and unlegible. If
I could stretch this document over the whole page I could then read it.

Hi Guys,

I have created a document which I have to send out to a number of people each month. They have to print this document.

Is there a way to set print margin settings for the document so that when the document is emailed to someone, it will print off on their computer in the format I want it to?

I know I can set it as default for my computer, but I want to set the printing settings to the document. Im not sure if this can be done.

Any thoughts or advice?


I have a co-worker who is having problems with cell borders not printing.

Her document originated in Excel 2000. We have upgraded to 2003 and she
continues to use this same document in 2003.

Occasionally when she prints, her borders do not print. Sometimes this
happens when rows are hidden within this area that is bordered. Also,
normally she is only printing a selected portion of the worksheet. Could
hidden rows or printing selected cells affect the borders?

What are some of the reasons why borders don't print?
L Lightner

Is there a way to print an entire workbook as one document?

I have about 20 worksheets, and the macro I use now gives every sheet first a contentdepending pagesetup, and then loops through the sheets and prints them as separate pages.

If I print to a pdf-writer for instance, I get 20 separate pdf files, instead of one. So, is there a way of printing one workbook as one document?


I was wondering if anyone has ever expericed an excel document that doesn't completely print to pdf? It prints fine to the printer but when printing to pdf a fair amount (around 2 inches) of the bottom gets cut off (print preview shows it cut off too).

It only happens to this document but with various versions of office and pdf writers. I've attached a copy of the file and here's a link: if anyone has any ideas.

Thanks so much!

I'm trying to print an Excel document as a PDF file. The page itself is rather large so when I print to my physical printer I select "scale to 1 x 1 pages" on Excel's page setup.

However, when I use this setting to print as a pdf it cuts off the bottom quarter of my document. Can anyone help?


I have created checkboxes in Excel using the form function. When I go to print it will only print check boxes randomly and typically only at the top of the page. I have checked Print preview and the boxes are there. If I print one page at a time than it will print all the boxes on the page, but it is not feasible to ask people to print one at a time. When I go back to printing the whole document it goes back to randomly printing checkboxes.

Any thoughts? Please and thank you!

I would like to set printing preferences to FastDraft permanently so that I do not have select each time I want to print a document. Current settings are at FastNormal and I have to change them every time I want to print something. Setting them from Control Panel=>Printing Preferences does not seem to do the trick for Excel although it does for Word. I am at a loss, pleaaaaaase help!!!

This form is really helpfull friends..

I want to know,
Can we print Excel document in DOS base? By command or so...

If yes how? What will be the command if document named ABC on desktop.

I use DOS based printer and its fast to print if we can print on DOS base.

Hi everyone!
Here is what I need: We have a set of documents, all pdf files, residing in a network server. The shipping personnel will have a Laserjet 8150 ND (also on the network) to print the document they need at the time of shipment, for a specific product (the pdf files are actually User's Manuals for various products we sell).

We would like to create an Excel form, listing those documents, with a selection method to indicate which document is to be printed and how many copies. Then clicking on a "PRINT" button will send a command to the printer to print the desired manual.

I searched the forum threads and noticed that the subject mostly deals with printing TO pdf, whereas my need is to print pdf FROM Excel, but no such a command exists.
Is that possible? and If so, any hints you can throw my way, please?

Thank you all.

Hi There,

I have a a problem with my templates...

I am making both a word and an excel template, and I will save the template fully protected, using the VBA, and the user will have to enter a password to activate the unprotect in the vba.

I have this up and working fine, however, I need to check the status of the protection for when the user re-enters the document. Thus preventing somone un-authorised from taking the saved document and editing it for their uses.

In the Excel document, I am using the code:


If TargetSheet.ProtectContents = True Then

In the Word doc, I am using the code

If ActiveDocument.ProtectContents = True Then

Unfortunatley, both of these code snippets produce the Run Time Error 438:

"Object doesn't support this property or method"

Does anyone have an alternitve method for checking the Current Status of the protection.

I will run this on the opening of the document, and protect if not already protected.

Thanks for your help


p.s. I realise this process leaves a massive security hole, which if someone with macros disabled opend the saved document, they will be able to edit, as the macro to protect the document will not run. Although this is not related to the title, if you happen to have a sultion to this, I would appriciate any tips...


I am using Excel 2003 and I am having problems with the protection option. Can anyone help?

What I would like to do is to use the following 2 things while the protection is turned on:

1) I have grouped some rows together using the "group" command from the "Data" menu. This has meant I can open out/close these rows if I click on the + or - on the side of the screen. This works fine with no protection but as soon as I protect the sheet they no longer work.

2) I also have some checkboxes (ones from the "Forms" toolbar, not the control toolbox). Even if I change the protection options from the "Format Control" menu, when I protect the sheet the message comes up about removing the protection, yet the checkbox gets a tick!

Can anyone suggest a possible solution?



I have recently changed my printing settings within my control panel of my computer, so that all documents print out in Black and White and on two sides,

Whilst this happens for some excel documents, it does not happen with them all. I know I can manually change the document, however only I want to print in Black and White, the end users should still be able to print in colour.

Does anyone have a solution.

Many thanks


I'm having trouble printing a document. It will only print one cell per page. I was able to print it fine to a letter document, but after realizing it was too small to read, I switched to legal. Now neither legal nor letter will print correctly. It prints one cell per page.

I have cleared the print area; did not work. I then defined the range I wanted; did not work. When clearing the print area the "print preview" looks fine until after I print, then it goes back to showing only 1 cell. I have set my margins to regular and small and scaled various, all to no avail.

The printer is currently held up for the next few hours, so I can't trial and error (and I'd rather not waste more toner and paper), but the only thing I can think of is that I didn't hit "save" after clearing the print area?

Thank you.

*Note* I have made sure that the B&W option was not checked, I'm not printing in draft quality either.

We just replaced our old HP CP2025N with a brand new CP2025N. The old one would print color in excel just fine but I'm having a problem getting the new one to do so. I'm using the PCL 6 drivers for the printer and in every other program I have no problems printing color. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the printer twice to no avail.

The print preview shows color, all the settings reflect that I want a color document to print and it still comes out gray scale.

Any help on this would be appreciated!

I am trying to print my document, and I select the content.
I go to the File, and select "Print Area", then I select "set print area".
I go into the print preview, and the selected pages are at 21 %. I adjust
it back to 100 %, then select ok. I look at the document, and the same
page is repeated in the print preview. I go back through the process, of
selecting print area, setting the print area, and print preview, and the
pages are at 21 %.
I have tried right clicking, and resetting all page breaks, clearing the print
area. I have also closed the document with saving changes, and I have
tried turning off my computer and restarting it. I have used excel for
and this is the first time this has happened.

'Lo all, one of our users at the office is having problems with printing Excel files properly. The file itself seems ok and looks normal within the gridlines, even when we do a print preview everything looks normal. However when she prints the file, there are several cells that seem to print in between its grid and the one above/below it.
When others try to print the same file it will print normally for them, however not this person in question. She has the latest print drivers installed, all settings seem to be identical as all other users as well. When she tries to print the file to a different printer, it will print out normally, just not on her default printer. At 1st I suspected the actual printer was out of alignment somehow until another person printed the same document to it and it looked normal.
Any thoughts? This is Excel 2002 we're dealing with.


Have a excel document with multiple tabs that was created by an end user and
when the user prints the entire document to an HP Laserjet 4 printer it
prints fine.

When the end user sends the excel document to her manager and he prints the
document, the printer is asking him to load a A9 paper. It will not print
the spreadsheet until you load that paper.

The end user that created the document sends the document to severl other
people that have various printers. Some of them can print the document fine
while others can not.

Trying to figure out, why the document can print on some printers while
others it is asking your to insert a differnt page size other than letter.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

My boss gave me an excel document with sensitive payroll information about all our employees in it. I want to password-protect the document so nobody else in the office can open/modify it.

For whatever reason, in the Save As dialog box undre General Options, the option to set a password for opening the document is disabled. Interestingly, the option for setting a password for modifying it is still there, but the one for opening the document is greyed out.

Another interesting characteristic about the document is that the option to Protect Sheet is disabled (2 sheets in the workbook - both are disabled from protection).

There are no macros defined in the workbook and I'm using Excel 2007. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

I am having trouble printing a word document that has linked excel tables in
it. When I print the document, some of the linked excel tables get skewed
and distorted. However, they look normal on screen.

What causes this?

How can I fix it?


Hi. I am trying to print an excel document but keep getting a repeat of rows 1 thru 6 despite the fact that I have unfrozen the panes by highlighting row 7 and unfreezing the pane. It works perfectly normal in the program itself but when I go to print rows 1-6 keep showing up on the printed version. How can I get these rows to stop printing? Please help!