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Update, Progress Report and Gimme Your Input #2

Hi everyone!

Its me Don with your weekly update. I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Time to get your input on a very important feature that will, I hope, help you get better answers to your Excel questions.

posted: April 26, 2016

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Excel Tip
How to loop through a range of cells in a UDF, User Defined Function, in Excel. This is almost the same as doing it for a basic macro, but getting the input is different. If you don't know what a UDF is, view this tutorial to learn more: Custom Functions in Excel - UDF Sections: Loop through a Range of Cells in a UDF Working Function Final Code No ...
Added: Apr 27, 2016
Excel Tip
Use AutoCorrect to change the text a user enters into something funny. This is a great little prank to use on co-workers. It makes it so that every time they enter a specific word, it will automatically change to another word, a word that you choose. Go to the File menu and then click Options. For Excel 2007, Office button > Excel Options. Go to ...
Added: Apr 26, 2016
Excel Tip
How to create and use a function that removes all text or all numbers from a cell, whichever you want. To do this, we will create a UDF or User Defined Function in Excel. But, I won't make you start from scratch; if you want to get the functions right away, simply download the Excel file attached to this tutorial and copy the code for yourself or g ...
Added: Apr 25, 2016
Excel Tip
Create a dynamic chart in Excel that displays only the data you want. You can filter it and sort it in order to drill-down into the data and get a visual representation of everything. This is a fairly simply concept that will make your charts come to life when and how you need them to. Sections: Basic Data Setup Filter Data on a Chart Sort Data on ...
Added: Apr 22, 2016
Excel Tip
How to create a custom worksheet function in Excel. These are called User Defined Functions, or UDF, and they are amazing. You can create your very own function that does whatever you want it to, almost. To make these functions we just need a little bit of VBA since they are basically macros. Sections: Steps to Create a UDF in Excel Adding Argumen ...
Added: Apr 19, 2016
Excel Tip
How to stop the annoying formatting window, the "Mini Toolbar" from appearing when you select text in Excel. The problem: I hate that thing more than words can describe and here is how to turn it off. Kill the Mini Toolbar Go to the File menu and click Options Go to the General section, it should show by default, and then look to the top and un-ch ...
Added: Apr 18, 2016
Excel Tip
How to make clickable links within Excel that point to other locations within the same spreadsheet. This allows you to quickly navigate through large spreadsheets. You can create a title worksheet and include links from there to any other worksheet and specific cells within the worksheet. Right-click the cell where you want the link to appear and ...
Added: Apr 7, 2016
Excel Tip
How to highlight the rows of the top and bottom performers in a list of data. This allows you to quickly identify who or what is performing well and performing badly. In addition, you will learn how to sort this data so it appears next to each other so you can clearly see and compare the differences. Sections: Highlight Top and Bottom Performers S ...
Added: Apr 5, 2016
Excel Tip
How to quickly increment a date by a certain number of days for each entry. Type the first date in a cell. Make sure that it's in a format that Excel recognizes as a date, such as in my example. Go to the next cell under that and enter the next date that you would like to appear. Select both cells: Put your mouse over the bottom right of the black ...
Added: Apr 4, 2016
Excel Tip
How to stop Images and Shapes from resizing in Excel when you change the size of rows and columns. This will allow you to keep the dimensions of your images and shapes while allowing them to move with the spreadsheet when you change its size, or to freeze them in place. Steps to Prevent Images and Shapes from Changing Size or Moving Right-click the ...
Added: Mar 31, 2016
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