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In this tutorial I am going to cover how to perform calculations in Excel. Calculations in Excel follow the same basic rules as simple math. The idea of Order of Operations in math applies to Excel in the same way. The + sign is the addition operator. The addition operator will add the number on the left to the number on the right. So for example I ...
Added: Aug 4, 2015
Excel Tip
Ill show you how to loop through all of the worksheets in a workbook in Excel using VBA and Macros. This only takes a few lines of code and is rather simple to use once you understand it. Here is the macro that will loop through all worksheets in a workbook in Excel: Sub Sheet_Loop() 'count the number of worksheets in the workbook sheet_count = Ac ...
Added: Aug 3, 2015
Excel Tip
How to get the name of a worksheet in Excel using VBA and Macros and also how to store that name in a variable for later use. This is rather simple but there are a couple different ways to do it. First, we can reference the currently active worksheet and put Name after it: ActiveSheet.Name This gets us the name of the currently active sheet, which ...
Added: Jul 31, 2015
Excel Tip
Learn how to find the next empty cell in a range in Excel using VBA and Macros.  This method will skip any blanks that are between your data but not at the very end of it. Look at this example: We want the VBA to locate cell C7 and NOT cell C5. The VBA to do this is quite simple: Sub Find_Next_Empty_Row() 'selects the next empty row 'ignores blank ...
Added: Jul 30, 2015
Excel Tip
Ill show you how to see the cells used in a formula/function in Excel and also how to tell which cells are using that particular formula/function. This is a simple yet very helpful feature in Excel and it allows you to visually represent the relationship between the cells/formulas/functions in the worksheet. This is actually very easy to do, just ...
Added: Jul 29, 2015
Excel Tip
Ill show you how to use Excel to calculate the total time worked in a day minus lunch time or any breaks. This is actually quite simple once you know it, but too many people overcomplicate this. Here is our sample worksheet: (Dont forget to download the accompanying worksheet for this tutorial so you can follow along.) Formula to Calculate Time Wo ...
Added: Jul 28, 2015
Excel Tip
In this tutorial I am going to cover the difference between Absolute and Relative Cell References in Excel and show you how to use them and why they are so important. Relative Cell References Relative Cell references in a formula change as they are copied or filled down a spreadsheet. What this means is that the cell reference will update relative ...
Added: Jul 27, 2015
Excel Tip
In this tutorial I am going to introduce the idea of Named Cells. A Named Cell is a cell which you have given a custom name to. This cell can then be referred to by its new custom name within and Formula or Function. For example, I have a table of orders and at the bottom are my totals: I could use the cell references C12 and B12 calculate the aver ...
Added: Jul 24, 2015
Excel Tip
In this tutorial I am going to cover how to link cells together. This is a useful feature of Excel as you can link cells in an Excel Formula instead of typing in the values each time. Linking cells allows you to perform calculations based on the value of cells instead of typing in values. This means that you can copy Formulas over multiple cells an ...
Added: Jul 23, 2015
Excel Tip
In this tutorial I am going to introduce how to input, edit and manage excel formulas. To start entering a formula, you just select a cell and start typing with an equals sign first: Alternatively you can select the cell, then use the formula bar: When entering a Function into a formula make sure to use parenthesis/brackets to enclose the arguments ...
Added: Jul 22, 2015
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