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Excel Tip
How to make Excel easier to read by increasing the font size or zooming in. Sections: Increase Font Size Zoom Notes Increase Font Size You can increase the default font size for the entire workbook in Excel. Go to the File menu and click Options: In the General tab go to the Font Size section and adjust the font size accordingly: Now, when you open ...
Added: Jan 23, 2017
Excel Tip
Get a list of all files from a directory into an Excel worksheet. This allows you to navigate to anywhere on your computer and have a listing of the files within the directory output into Excel. This macro works by allowing you to visually navigate through your computers directories until you find the one you want and then, when you click the OK bu ...
Added: Jan 18, 2017
Excel Tip
How to include different information, headers, or footers, on the first page when printing an Excel spreadsheet. Steps Go to the View tab and click Page Layout. Click at the top of the page where it says Click to add header or click the bottom where it says Click to add footer. Click the Design tab that should have now appeared and put a check nex ...
Added: Dec 20, 2016
Excel Tip
This feature allows you to view multiple worksheets from the same workbook at the same time. Steps Go to the View tab and click New Window Then click Arrange All Select either Horizontal or Vertical  and put a check next to Windows of active workbook and then click OK. You will now have two separate views of the same workbook. You can view differen ...
Added: Dec 19, 2016
Excel Tip
View separate parts of a large worksheet while in the same Excel window. This allows you to scan and compare data without having to open up two completely separate windows. Sections: 2-Way 4-Way Notes 2-Way Split the window into two panes. Double-click the small bar just above the arrow that makes the worksheet scroll up. Result: The window splits ...
Added: Dec 15, 2016
Excel Tip
How to edit multiple worksheets at the same time; this includes adding, editing, deleting, and formatting data. Steps Hold down the Ctrl key and click each sheet tab that you want to edit, or hold Shift and click the last tab to edit to select all tabs in the middle. Start working: Once you hit Enter or navigate to any other tab, you will see that ...
Added: Dec 14, 2016
Excel Tip
Use a formula to return the most frequently occurring word or value from a range of cells in Excel. Sections: The Formula More Information Notes The Formula =INDEX(A1:A6,MODE(MATCH(A1:A6,A1:A6,0))) Array Formula - this is an array formula and so you must enter it into the cell using Ctrl + Shift + Enter. A1:A6 is the range from which you want to f ...
Added: Dec 13, 2016
Excel Tip
How to print page numbers with your spreadsheet. Sections: Steps Add "Page # of [Total Pages]" Add Custom Text Notes Steps Go to the View tab and click Page Layout on the left of the Ribbon Menu. Click one of the 3 sections of the header or scroll down and click one of the 3 sections of the footer. (Each section is for spatial reference and allows ...
Added: Dec 12, 2016
Excel Tip
How to count the occurrence of the largest or smallest value in a range; basically, how many times the MAX or MIN value occurs in a range. Sections: Max Min Notes Max =COUNTIF(A1:A6,MAX(A1:A6)) A1:A6 is the range with the values. Change that in both places in the formula to fit your data. Result: The MAX() function gets the highest value from the ...
Added: Dec 8, 2016
Excel Tip
There are two basic functions that return the most frequently occurring number from a list or range of cells. The MODE() and MODE.SNGL() functions. MODE =MODE(A1:A6) Result: MODE.SNGL =MODE.SNGL(A1:A6) Result: Notes Both functions are really easy to use and they do the same thing. However, MODE() is kept for compatibility purposes for Excel 2007 a ...
Added: Dec 7, 2016
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