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How to remove all personally identifiable information from an Excel file. When a file is created in Excel, it automatically stores data about you and your computer setup as well as other information related to the creation and management of the document.  The worst part is that you may not even know this is happening because the data is not stored ...
Added: Oct 13, 2015
Excel Tip
In Excel you can use formulas and functions to reference data that is stored in another Excel workbook.  This creates links between the files that can be updated and allows you to consolidate data between workbooks without having to actually import the data. Sections: Steps to Reference Data in a Separate Workbook (Excel File) Working with the Cros ...
Added: Oct 12, 2015
Excel Tip
Quickly create a large list of numbers in Excel using the Fill Command.  This will save you time and allow you to create better spreadsheet models with less effort. Steps to Create a Huge List of Numbers in Excel Quickly Type the first number of the list that you want: Select that cell and go to the Home tab and then look to the right in the editi ...
Added: Oct 9, 2015
Excel Tip
I will show you how to display large, even huge, numbers in Excel.  In Excel, you can't show numbers that are too big but, there is a way around this. The reason Excel can't store and display really large numbers is because it is not an inherently mathematical program; it's not meant for really complex mathematical equations that require exception ...
Added: Oct 8, 2015
Excel Tip
Have one simple formula that will reference the same cell or range of cells on multiple worksheets at once without having to name each worksheet separately. (make sure to download our sample workbook so you can follow along) Sections: Example 3D Reference How it Works How to Create a 3D Reference Adding or Removing Sheets from the Workbook Functio ...
Added: Oct 7, 2015
Excel Tip
How to combine a list of data into one cell while putting a delimiter between each piece of data. This tutorial uses a variation of concatenation in order to include delimiters (separators) between each value, which allows for more useful and readable data. This tip will save you hours! (make sure to download the accompanying workbook so you can f ...
Added: Oct 6, 2015
Excel Tip
Tutorial showing you how to make a user enable macros in a workbook in order to view the workbook. This is very important when macros make-up a critical part of the workbook and not having them can stop the workbook from performing correctly or allow users to mess-up or corrupt the data and functionality of the spreadsheet. There are a few steps i ...
Added: Oct 5, 2015
Excel Tip
How to make a macro run automatically after a workbook is opened and before anything else happens. You need this macro code: Private Sub Workbook_Open() 'simple message box that will pop-up and say "Hi!" to show you that the macro is working MsgBox "Hi!" End Sub The trick is that you must put this macro code into ThisWorkbook Steps to Make a Macro ...
Added: Oct 2, 2015
Excel Tip
Display numbers in Excel as zip/postal codes and phone numbers in order to make them easier to read and retain any leading zeros if they exist. (make sure to download the sample workbook so you can follow along) Sections: Displaying Zip/Postal Codes in Excel Displaying Phone Numbers in Excel Custom Phone Number Formatting Zip Codes with Text Other ...
Added: Oct 1, 2015
Excel Tip
How to remove the #N/A error from Vlookup and replace it with a friendly message or a blank cell. Fix the Vlookup Error in Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, and Later Fix the Vlookup Error in Excel 2003 The Problem You get the #N/A error when Vlookup can't find any data or when you haven't entered a value for the lookup_value argument.   The Vlookup functio ...
Added: Sep 30, 2015
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